I've been doing picture searches for my characters and some of my friends' characters! I have a million tabs open that I can't close any off, so I thought I'd put some of the links here, so I can go back to this spot, instead of going to those individual tabs. Okay here we go:

~The Mizu Set Group~

Naoto Bedroom

Mizu Bathroom - Shower

Mizu Bathroom - Bath

Mizu Home Outside View

~The Hazel Set Group~

Hazel Home Outside View - A large cottage home in the country, out in a dense forest. There is a small pen for goats a little ways away from the cottage itself.

Hazel Bedroom - Once her parents bedroom, Hazel moved in when her parents no longer stayed in her house. It's got two doors on one side of the wall. One goes into Logan's bedroom, and the other goes into the hallway.

Jade Bedroom - Previously Hazel's bedroom growing up, she's now giving it to Jade. It has one door attached to it, going out into Logan's bedroom.

Logan Bedroom - Previously known as "The Central Bedroom", Logan's bedroom has doors that lead to Jade's room, Hazel's room, and the hallway.

The Hallway - Most doors connect to it. It winds around a bit, but it is the main hallway in the house.

The Kitchen

The Bathroom