{lake side cabins}


[Two families are sitting around a large bon fire out in the woods laughing]

Mr. Holiday: (places one hand across his chest while extending the other) ok-ok I got one!

[The laughter ceases]

Mr.cooper: (adjust his glasses) alright then, lets here it jim

Mr. Holiday: (Smiles) ok so, there's this guy riding a horse right, and he's been traveling none stop day and night (crosses his arms as he leans back on the log) then on a Friday this dude makes it to a hotel, stays a whole day, then leaves the next morning on Friday (grins) now, how is that possible?

Mrs. Cooper: (giggles) umm, is this suppose to be some kind of trick question?

Mrs. Holiday: (raises an eyebrow) no, I just think my husband had to much to drink

Mr. Cooper: (nods) yea, I would have to agree with you there Emily

Mr.holiday: (throws up both hands) ah come on you guys! The horse...its name was Friday, get It! (Chuckles out loud)

Mr.cooper: (slowly nods his head) Right!!.....whelp I'm gonna go get some more fire wood(mr.cooper rises to his feet, picks up an axe and starts making his way towards the woods)

Mr.holiday: (looks over at his wife and mrs.cooper) but-but the horse it-it's name was....Friday

Mrs. Holiday: (nods her head) yes, I'm sure it was honey

Mr. Holiday: (slowly shakes his head then rises to his feet with another chuckle) Pfft you two have no sense of humor. (Walks off towards the woods)

Mrs. Cooper: (walks over and sits next to mrs. Holiday) I'm really worried about Jim

Mrs. Holiday: (shakes her head) I know (sighs) my husband can't tell a joke to save his life

[Both women laugh at this]

[Inside the woods]

Mr. Cooper: (chops down a small tree as mr.holiday approaches) humm? (Turns around) oh, hey Jim

Mr. Holiday: (laughs) well, I guess humor is in the eye of the beholder

Mr. Cooper: (smiles while motioning his hand) Ah,don't worry about it Jim, you'll get better at jokes someday

Mr.holiday: (shakes his head then pauses) you know Johnny, I want to thank you for inviting me and the family out to the cabins

Mr. Cooper: (starts to chop off branch pieces from the fallen tree) hey, no sweat Jim, I'm just glad you all are enjoying yourselves

Mr. Holiday: (nods) yea, just listen to our wife's over there

(Both mr. Cooper and mr.holiday listen to there wife's talking and laughing nearby)

Mr.holiday: (chuckles) I haven't heard Emily laugh like that in a long time

Mr. Cooper: (sighs) yea,I know what you mean. Work is quite rough these days, and I just haven't had the time for Wendy, (smiles) so whenever a day like today opens up I take full advantage of it

Mr. Holiday: (sighs deeply as he takes a seat on a nearby tree stomp) yea, work can have it's issues no doubt

Mr.cooper: (eyes widen as he crouches down on one knee) hey Jim, is everything alright?

Mr. Holiday: (slowly looks away) Johnny...I....I don't really know how to say this

Mr. Cooper: (gives a stern look) come on Jim, you can tell me anything. We're like brothers remember?

Mr. Holiday: (slowly nods as he takes a deep breath) I'm....(looks up at mr.cooper) I'm about to lose my job

Mr.cooper: (eyes widen) lose your job? That can't be right

Mr. Holiday: (hangs his head) it's true Johnny

Mr. Cooper: (shakes his head) but how can that be possible? You work at Quinn industries, second highest marketing job in West bay city

Mr. Holiday: (crosses his arms) your right, Quinn industries was the second highest industry. That was until that b*****d Ronald bay back stabbed the whole faculty organization

Mr. Cooper: (Gives a puzzled look) Ronald bay? I don't understand Jim

Mr. Holiday: (rubs his hand across the face) it's a long story. (Looks back up at mr. Cooper) you know about the election coming up right Johnny?

Mr. Cooper: (nods) of course I do. That's all my co workers ever talk about

Mr. Holiday: (gives a stern look) well Ronald bay plans to shut down Quinn industry's if he's re-elected as mayor, and me and 12,000 other employees will be out of a job

Mr. Cooper: (shakes his head) can he do that?

Mr. Holiday: (sigh) when your a mayor you can just about do anything diabolical nowadays

Mr. Cooper: (pauses before clearing his throat) so have you told Emily yet?

Mr. Holiday: (slowly shakes his head) I couldn't bear to tell her. (Folds his hands together) and besides, she already lost so much including her mother last month. (Hangs his head) I just couldn't burden her with anymore bad news

Mr. Cooper: (shakes his head then rises to his feet) don't worry about it Jim

Mr. Holiday: (looks up at mr. Cooper then nods) you know what your right. (Slaps his knee) I shouldn't be thinking about something like that while being out here

Mr. Cooper: (motions his hand) no-no, I didn't mean for you to just forget it or anything, I just want you to know that if you ever do get laid off, my doors are always open to you and your family anytime

Mr.holiday: (tears begin to flow) i couldn't do that Johnny. I could never eat you out of house and home

Mr. Cooper: (raises one hand) sorry Jim, but I already made up my mind. (Wags his finger) so I won't take no for a answer alright?

Mr. Holiday: (brushes the tears from his face while nodding) thank you so much Johnny your such a great friend

Mr. Cooper: (holds up the peace sign) hey scouts honor

Jim: (forces a grin through the tears)Ah so you Remember our Boy Scout days huh?

Mr. Cooper: (places both hands on his hips) why of course Jim, I mean Who could ever forget old misses jelly bean.

(Mr.cooper Begins to rock back and forward as him and mr. Holiday bellow out loud)

(Hey what are you two laughing about?)

Mr holiday: (stops laughing and looks up at mrs. holiday and mrs. cooper approaching) oh hey honey, we were just talking about the old Boy Scout days (grins)

Mrs. Holiday: (rolls her eyes) Jim I swear you and Johnny re-live out the old days every single time you both meet up

Mrs. Cooper: (giggles) I agree with you Emily

Mr. Holiday: (chuckles) but-but honey that's not true

Mrs holiday: (crosses both her arms) oh really? Why I bet you two were talking about mrs. Jelly bean just now am I right?

Mr. Cooper: (eyes widen) well umm, yea kinda

Mrs. Holiday: (slowly shakes her head with a smile) you see my point?

Mr. Holiday: (laughs) but dear, I was only asking Johnny if mrs. Jelly bean ever had any kids I swear

Mr. Cooper: (places both hands across the end of the axe and rest his chin on top) you know what Jim? That's a good question

Mrs. Cooper (slowly nods while grinning) you both are so full of it

Mrs. Holiday: (walks over to mr. Holiday) speaking of children honey, don't you think its time we asked Maryland to join us for dinner (smiles) it'll be ready soon

Mr. Holiday: (eyes widen) what? Emily you can't be serious

Mrs. Holiday: (crosses her arms) but I am being serious Jim. I'm really worried about her

Mr. Holiday: (shakes his head while deep sighing) gosh Emily I don't know. I mean, she's never joined us before

Mrs. Holiday: (puts her arms around mr. Holidays neck) just try asking her Jim please, for my sake

Mr. Holiday: (kisses his wife on the lips) alright Emily, ill ask. But if she says no again--

Mrs. Holiday: (nods her head) I understand

Mr. Holiday: (kisses his wife on the forehead before pausing) hey Johnny ill be right back

(Mr. Holiday starts to walk towards the cabins)

Mrs. Cooper: (walks over to mrs holiday) is everything ok?

Mrs. Holiday: (slowly nods) Jim's going over to ask Maryland if she can join us for dinner

Mrs cooper: (eyes widen) Maryland?

Mr. Cooper: (chops another piece of wood) so your adopted daughter still hasn't joined you both for dinner yet?

Mrs. Holiday: (shakes her head) no (sighs) she always wants to eat in her room alone

Mrs. Cooper: (puts her arms around Emily and lays her head on hers) I'm sorry Emily

Mrs. Holiday: (smiles) thanks Wendy

(Cabin 3)

Mr. Holiday: (walks up to the third cabin and knocks on the door) Maryland !!

(Loud music continues to play from the inside)

Mr. Holiday: (raises an eyebrow and knocks again) Maryland !

(No answer as music continues)

Mr holiday: (turns the door knob and enters the cabin) Maryland!?

(Mr. Holiday pauses as he watches Maryland dancing to the music in the background then walks over to the CD player and turns it off)

Maryland: (quickly whirls around as her eyes widen) oh hey dad

Mr. Holiday: (grins) hey princess (walks over and sits on one of the beds before taking a deep breath) so how's it going?

Maryland: (shrugs her shoulders) fine I guess

Mr. Holiday: (nods) that's great-that's very great

Maryland: (studies her fathers face) was there something you needed?

Mr. Holiday: (eyes widen as he places his right hand across his chest) who me? Nope not really! (deep sighs as he slowly nods) well actually yes

Maryland: (walks over and sits down next to her dad) ok

Mr. Holiday: (folds both his hands together) you see honey it's like this. Your mother and I (pauses) well you see dinner is almost ready and (pauses again) we were kinda wondering if you could maybe join us just this once

Maryland: (lowers her head) oh I see

Mr. Holiday: (quickly rises to his feet and turns around) but if you don't want to join us then I totally understand alright. Ill just explain to your mother that--

Maryland: (smiles) ill be there

Mr. Holiday: (motions his hand) It's ok princess, I'm sorry I asked-- (pauses as eyes widen) wait you'll go?

Maryland: (nods while still smiling) sure

Mr. Holiday: really?

Maryland: (giggles) really dad

Mr. Holiday: (takes a step back and chuckles) alright then! (Breaths a sigh of relief) ok (takes another step back) I guess ill head back out to your mom then

Maryland: (nods with a grin) alright dad

Mr. Holiday: (opens the cabin door then pauses) you know it means a lot to me hearing you say that you'll join us

Maryland: (smiles) thanks

Mr. Holiday: (nods) indeed. (Looks at Maryland for a bit) well, I guess ill see you at dinner (closes the door behind him)

Maryland: (continues smiling) bye dad

(Mr cooper begins to pick up chopped log pieces from the ground)

Mrs. Holiday: (looks up at the stars) when Maryland was 7 years old she lost both her parents in a boating accident

Mrs. Cooper: (places one hand across her mouth) oh I'm sorry to here that

Mrs holiday: (shakes her head) the child was so devastated that she locked away all emotion from everyone that ever took her in as foster parents

Mr. cooper: (pauses) so your saying that other families had her?

Mrs. Holiday: (slowly nods) yes, but because of the state she was in, they each felt it was best that she remain in the care of the orphanage

Mrs. Cooper: (shakes her head) that's Terrible

Mrs. Holiday: (sighs) how could anyone treat a child that had gone through what she went through like that?

Mr. Cooper: (shakes his head) maybe those families didn't understand her well enough or just couldn't cope with what she was going though

Mrs. Cooper: (nods) well, I'm just glad you and Jim took her in. Your both wonderful people

Mrs. Holiday: (smiles) thanks Wendy, I wouldn't consider myself wonderful or the perfect parent, but. Me and Jim don't care. Will continue to love Maryland to death for the rest of our lives, and we hope that one day, she can learn to love us just the same

(Emily! Emily!)

Mrs. Holiday: (quickly turns around) Jim?

Mr. Holiday: (rushes over to his wife) Emily! Your not gonna believe this

Mr. Cooper: (Drops the wood pieces and hurries over to mr. Holiday) is everything ok Jim?

Mr. Holiday: (quickly nods at mr. Cooper before taking both of his wife's hands) Emily darling, Maryland said yes

Mrs. Holiday: (eyes widen) what?

Mr. Holiday: (grins) she said she'll join us (hugs his wife)

Mrs. Holiday: (begins to tear up) oh my gosh

Mrs. Cooper: (claps both her hands together) that's great news, I'm so happy to hear that

Mr. Cooper: (pats mr. Holiday on the back) congratulations Jim

Mrs. Holiday: (looks up into her husbands eyes) Are you absolutely sure she said yes?

Mr. Holiday: (smiles while shaking his head) honey I'm 100 percent sure she said yes

Mrs. Holiday: (buries her face into her husbands chest trying to fight back the tears) I love you so much jimmy holiday

Mr. Holiday: (chuckles) I know -I know

Mrs. Cooper: (starts walking) well, I think ill go and set up the table for five then

Mrs. Holiday: (quickly turns around) let me help you Wendy, please!?

Mrs. Cooper: (smiles as she holds out her hand) alright lets go

(Emily also smiles as she takes Wendy's hand and followers her back toward the cabins)

Mr. Cooper: (walks back over to pick up the log pieces ) and I had better go check the food on the grill

Mr. Holiday: (motions his hand) hey let me check it for ya Johnny

Mr. Cooper: (grins) oh I couldn't let you do that Jim

Mr. Holiday: (motions his finger) now wait just a minute johnny.I also won't take no for a answer

(Both mr. Holiday and mr. Cooper laugh as they make there way up to the cabins)

(Cabin 3)

Maryland: (walks over to the side window and peers outside) ok (takes a deep breath) I can do this

(Lake side cabins)

Mrs. Cooper: (places five plates down then stares up at the stars in the sky) gosh, it's such a pretty night

Mrs. Holiday: (nods) I agree. (Grins) and it's going to be much more wonderful after Maryland joins us (giggles)

(Suddenly, mrs. Coopers expression changes into a frozen stare)

Mrs. Holiday: (wears a surprised look) hey Wendy Is everything ok?

(Mrs. Cooper remains silent)

Mr. Cooper: (walks up to the Bon fire and places the logs in) were back honey

Mrs. Holiday: (quickly turns around) hey Johnny, i think something's wrong with Wendy

Mr. Cooper: (eyes widen as he rushes over to his wife) Wendy, are you alright?

(Mrs. Cooper continues to remain silent)

Mr. Holiday: (wears a concerned stare) is she feeling ill?

Mrs. Holiday: (shakes her head) I don't know Jim, but she's not moving

Mr. Cooper: (waves his hand across his wife's none moving eyes) Wendy, please say something! Anything!

Mrs. Cooper: (slowly looks down at her husband) Johnny?

Mr. Cooper: (eyes widen) yes darling!?

Mrs. Cooper: (slowly points to the sky with a trembling hand) Johnny, what's is that?

Mr. Cooper: (quickly turns around and gazes up) Wendy, I don't see anything up there (sigh) I have no idea what your loo---

(Mr.coopers mouth gaps open as he also freezes in shock)

Mrs. Holiday: (studies mr. And mrs. Coopers expression then looks up as well) you guys!, I see nothing up there. What's going on?

Mr. Holiday: (looks up then takes a step back) whatever it is it's falling from the sky pretty fast

(The small beam of light drifting downward suddenly brightens up the whole sky before spear diving deep into the woods causing a large explosion)

(Silence fills the air)

Mr. Holiday: (picks himself off the ground slowly) did-did you all see that?

Mr.cooper: (rises to his feet) yea that was pretty intense. (Starts to brush off dirt from his jeans)

Mrs. Cooper: (helps mrs. Holiday up) what do you all think it could have been?

Mrs. Holiday: (brushes dirt from her shoulder) a shooting star?

Mr. Holiday: (raises an eyebrow) honey, a shooting star? Pffft! (Chuckles out loud) if that's the kind of impact a shooting star makes, then this world would have been done in years ago

Mrs. Holiday: (crosses her arms then frowns) ok mr.wise timer, what do you think it was?

Mr. Holiday: (holds up one finger) I...I..I haven't slightest idea

(Mrs holiday shakes her head while mr.cooper makes his way over to his jeep)

Mrs. Cooper: (breaths a deep sigh) well at least were all ok right?

Mrs. Holiday: (nods) yes I agree

(Just then, Maryland darts out of the cabins looking around frantically)

Mrs. Holiday (looks up) hey Maryland are you alright?

Maryland: (pauses as she looks over at her mom) yea I'm alright, but what was that bright light and loud noise just now?

Mr. Cooper: (returns from the jeep holding a shot gun) well my little one, what you heard was the sound of an adventure

Mrs. Cooper: (raises an eyebrow) honey what are you talking about?

Mr. Cooper: (grins) it's like I just said my sweet. An adventure awaits, and I'm heading out towards it

Mrs. Cooper: (crosses her arms while turning her head) is that right? Well don't expect me to go with you

Mrs. Holiday: (nods) yea Johnny it could be dangerous

Mr. Cooper: (chuckles as he turns and starts making his way back to the jeep) I wasn't going to ask you anyway (hops into the driver seat, turns on the jeep and rolls down the window) lets go Jim!

Mr. Holiday: (begins to run towards the jeep) I'm on my way Johnny!

Mrs. Holiday: (wears a shocked expression) but Jim!?

Mr. Holiday: (opens the passenger door) don't worry Emily, will be back!

(Mr. Cooper lets out a wolf howl before hitting the gas pedal as the jeep takes off disappearing deep into the woods)

Mrs. Cooper: (smiles while shaking her head) don't worry Emily. There boys, they'll be just fine

Mrs. Holiday: (lowers her head) I hope your right Wendy

Mrs. Cooper (continues to smile) mmhum (claps her hands together) whelp it looks like it's just gonna be us three girls huh?

Mrs. Holiday: (giggles while looking around) Maryland? (Giggle slowly fades) Maryland!? (Eyes widen) were is she? (Continues to look around)

Mrs. Cooper: (ponders for a minute before her eyes widen as she turns towards the woods ) Emily, you don't think she--

(We're here!)

(The jeep comes to a stop in front of heavy thick smoke)

Mr. Cooper: (hopes out of the jeep) my-my you can't see a thing out here

Mr. Holiday: (looks to his right) wow Johnny, look at all of these trees lying on the ground

Mr. Cooper: (looks to his left) yea, whatever caused this, did a great number right here

(There's a large crater up ahead)

Mr. Cooper: (try's to look forward) hum? (Eyes widen) hey! Jim Maryland's right, there is a large crater up ah--- hey! (Looks at Maryland) were did you come from!?

Maryland: (grins) I'm sorry mr. Cooper, I hope you don't mind. I sorta caught a ride with you

Mr. Holiday: (turns his head) what!? Maryland? (Walks over to her) does Emily know your over here?

Maryland: (slowly lowers her head) no she doesn't

Mr. Holiday: (sighs) oh well, it's alright. Ill just tell her that I ask you to come with us

Maryland: (smiles as she hugs her dad) thanks dad, your the best

Mr. Holiday: (gets down on both knees with tears in his eyes) really sweetheart, you think I'm the best!?

Mr. Cooper: (grins as he looks up ahead) hey guys the smoke is clearing up

Mr. Holiday: (quickly rises to his feet) good lord! Johnny look at the size of that crater

Mr. Cooper: (walks up to the edge and looks into it) I can't even see the bottom

Maryland: (looks up past the crater) dad! Over there! look!

Mr. Holiday: (looks up ahead and freezes) Johnny?

Mr. Cooper: (looks up at mr. Holiday) yea Jim?

Mr. Holiday: (points) you have to see this

Mr. Cooper: (looks up ahead then takes off running around the crater towards it) I don't believe it!

(Maryland and her dad follow mr. Cooper towards a giant silver sphere lying side ways on the ground past the crater)

Mr. Holiday: (eyes widen) what could this be?

Maryland: (examines the sphere for a minute) it could be a government experiment that went wrong

Mr. Holiday: (nods) that's very true

Mr. Cooper: (shakes his head with a chuckle) nah, the government wouldn't even begin to comprehend how to build something like this (smirks) oh no you guys, were starring up at the GEUINE article. An actual space ship

Mr. Holiday: (eyes widen) how can you be so sure Johnny?

Mr. Cooper: (shakes his head as he walks up and touches the sphere) there's no doubt about it Jim. I know (beats his chest) it's a gut feeling inside

Maryland: (continues to study the sphere) but mr. Cooper if this was a real ship, wouldn't there be some form of cryptic writing on it somewhere?

Mr. Holiday: (nods) your absolutely right Maryland (looks at his daughter) you sure know a lot about this stuff

Maryland: (smiles) science was one of my favorite subjects

Mr. Holiday: (crosses his arms) well ill be darned. I had no idea

Mr. Cooper: (looks over at Maryland) cryptic writings you say huh? Well how about we have a closer look shall we (starts to walk around the sphere with Maryland and mr. Holiday following behind)

(Lake side cabins)

Mrs. Cooper: (pours two cups of tea) here you go Emily (hands Emily a Cup)

Mrs. Holiday: (sighs) I'm worried about Maryland

Mrs. Cooper: (smiles) don't worry I'm sure she's fine out there with the boys

Mrs. Holiday: (stares down at the ice in her tea) hey Wendy? Do you think Maryland could ever love us back?

(Mrs. Cooper starts to laugh)

Mrs. Holiday: (looks up with a puzzled gaze) what's so funny?

Mrs. (Points) you are

Mrs. Holiday: (eyes widen) how so?

Mrs. Cooper: (takes a sip of her tea) well an hour ago you talked with such confidence about Maryland, and now your second guessing yourself

Mrs. Holiday: (lowers her head with a blush) oh, (smiles) I guess i tend to do that often at times

Mrs. Cooper: (grins) maybe that's the problem

Mrs.holiday: (pauses, then takes a sip of the tea) mmm it's really good

Mrs. Cooper: (continues to grin while nodding) mmhum

(Huh what is this!?)

Mr. Cooper: (walks around the sphere and notices a piece of it lying on the ground, then picks it up) hum? (Eyes widen) what the!?

Maryland: (looks up) mr. Cooper what's wrong?

Mr. Cooper: (studies the label on the chipped piece) I know this symbol from somewhere

Mr. Holiday: (wears a puzzled look) how can that be possible Johnny?

Mr. Cooper: (shakes his head) I don't know, but I swear I saw this symbol before

Maryland: (walks up and looks at the symbol) do you remember from where you saw the symbol?

Mr. Cooper. (Slowly shakes his head) no, not off the top of my head

Mr. Holiday: (shrugs his shoulders) the picture just looks like a crow to me. I mean anyone can make a crow for a symbol

Mr. Cooper. (Nods) your precisely right Jim. however (looks down at the symbol) this crow has purple eyes, and That's what stands out

Maryland: (continues to observe the sphere when suddently something from the bushes catches her eye) hey mr. Cooper look!

Mr. Cooper: (quickly looks up as Maryland runs over and picks up an item) what do you got there Hun?

Maryland: (studies the item) I don't know,it's some kinda remote device

Mr. Cooper: (drops the broken sphere piece and hurries over to Maryland) quick, let me see it!

Maryland: (hands over the device to mr. cooper as mr. Holiday approaches) it has some weird old English words next to each button

Mr. Cooper: (examines the device) thou, thee, forth, thy, Hum? There's 30 buttons in total and each of the words seem to have a biblical preference to each of them

Mr. Holiday: (walks up and takes hold of the device) hey Johnny let me have a look at it

Mr. Cooper: (tightens his grip) in a minute Jim, I'm not finish looking at it

Mr. Holiday: (starts to tug hard on the device) you can look at it all you want to after I have my look Johnny

(Mr. Cooper and mr. Holiday continue to have a tug of war on the device till suddenly it snaps into two pieces)

Mr. Cooper: (falls on both knees) No!! Jim what have you done!!

Mr. Holiday: (lowers his head) I'm sorry Johnny, I got carried away

Mr. Cooper: (picks up the broken device pieces) yea, well now it's all rui---

(Just then, the sphere begins to glow, and lift into the sky)

Mr. Cooper: (extends his hand) No-No! Wait! Don't go!

(Suddenly, the sphere takes off deeper into the air then vanishes)

Mr. Cooper: (looks down at his empty hands) No! (Looks around for the broken piece of the sphere but finds nothing) Oh No!! (Lays flat on his face) it's all over, (beats his fist on the ground) everything's gone!

Maryland: (crosses her arms? Well at least the craters still here

Mr. Cooper: (begins to sob) we could have been so freakin rich!

Mr. Holiday: (grabs Johnny by the arm then turns to his daughter) come on honey, help me bring Johnny back to the jeep

Maryland: (grins) sure da- (eyes widen as she runs past mr. Holiday)

Mr. Holiday: (wears a surprised look) Maryland? (Lowers Johnny arm then takes off after her) Maryland wait!!

Maryland: (continues to run towards the other end of the crater then freezes dead in her tracks) dad over here!

Mr. Holiday: (rushes up to his daughter then pauses to catch his breath) Maryland what is it?

Maryland: (slowly points ahead) over there dad look

Mr. Holiday: (looks up ahead at a person lying on the edge of the crater) holy smokes(eyes widen) Johnny? (Takes a step back) Johnny!!

Mr. Cooper: (slowly looks up from the ground) what does that knuckle head want at a time like this?

(Johnny come quick!!)

Mr. Cooper: (leaps to his feet and takes off running) this had better be good Jim

Mr. Holiday: (points as Johnny nears them) look Johnny over there!

Mr. Cooper: (looks ahead then starts to laugh while clapping) alright you guys were still in business! (Starts to run towards the person)

Mr. Holiday: (holds up one hand) Johnny wait a minute!!

Mr. Cooper: (quickly stops and turns around) what-what-what?!

Mr. Holiday: (wears a concerned look) it could be dangerous

Mr. Cooper. (Grins while beating his chest) dangers my middle name. That's right, Johnny Danger Cooper is what they use to call me!

Maryland: (begins to giggle) oh my gosh

Mr.holiday: (glares at his daughter) your not helping

Maryland: (giggles again) sorry dad

Mr. Holiday: (looks back at mr. Cooper) well anyway, what if that person or thing over there attacks you, kills you, or worst abducts you!?

Mr. Cooper: (salutes) well then tell my wife I loved her (laughs as he turns around and continues to run towards the person

Mr. Holiday: (takes off after mr. Cooper) Johnny wait No!!

(Mr. Cooper makes his way over to the person and gets down on one knee)

Mr. Holiday: (stops five feet away) Johnny?

Mr. Cooper: (smile fades away) well ill be

Maryland: (runs up beside her dad) mr. Cooper are you alright?

Mr. Cooper: (slowly looks up at Maryland and mr. holiday with a serious stare) it's-it's a girl a teenage girl

(Maryland and her dad look at each other then back towards mr cooper)

(Prom night 9:50pm)