Aphrodite lived apart from the royal family for personal reasons - originally. Ares knew that it had more to do with the on-going fight between her and Hera but cared little for the details over the scrap. The two were vicious and vindictive when crossed and Ares wanted no part in their own private war.

Ares' heavy boots thudded against the ivory floor with each step she took, the sound echoing in the walkway. Aphrodite also lived apart from the royal family so that her entertainment for each night would not be under Zeus' roof. He tended to involve himself in matters that he needed to stay out of.

Ares' life, for example.

"Aphrodite!" Ares shouted once she reached the entrance to Aphrodite's bedchambers. The guards she had passed outside of the grand palace had barely tossed her a glance when she had walked by. Aphrodite was never given a warning when Ares came to visit.

"One moment, love!" And her guests sometimes paid the price for it, too.