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A pair of four inch heeled Omelda booties sounded off the familiar clicking of a fashionista making her way down the corridor. The marble floor of the condominium was perfectly polished and like a mirror, it reflected that which it saw; dangerously curved legs covered with charcoal nylons leading up to a pair of immaculate hips that swayed in perfect unison with every step.

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"She Needs Some Clarity."

"Aw! C'mon. This plaash needs a dansh floor!" The slurred words of a young woman rang out as she swirled around in a rather sloppy 360 spin. Legs spread, toes pointed inward, she grasped for her stability as her Air Treks whirred from the manual push off the railing of the lounge's bar. A good Samaritan had taken the liberty to make sure this little lady with the mean hip swing didn't have her motors roaring when this intoxicated. From what the bartender and veterans of the Meridian Lounge had gathered, this gorgeous creature was drinking herself numb because she had just gone through a rather painful break up...

"I'm glad he brushed me aside! Now I don't have to worry about all them girls on his Instagram!"

"Pssssht. We met through social media its only fit he dump me on it!"

"I can do soooo much better! I have a lot of things going for me!"

"I loved him so much! Waaaah!"

"Ohmygoodnesh! I love this song!"

It had been a roller coaster of emotions with this curvy beauty and no one had the heart to cut her off from the constant flow of Vodka in Cranberry Juice cocktails. She was a prime target for a one night stand, but fortunately the bartender was keeping a keen eye on the Japanese princess. She was even growing on the bouncers whose broad shoulders blocked any scumbag from entering the 'dancefloor' the ebony crowned damsel twerked upon.