"I won't have him in with the children!" Mer exclaims, slamming her hand on the table, glass rattles and Muffin grabs for the microscope to steady it. He could have had Clover of course, except Clover always got a little weird when it came to xenobiology and he was sick of having blood drawn and perhaps it's a little -wrong- that he pushed Clover back a few ticks on the ASAP bake list for shop functionality. Of course it was pretty narcissistic that he'd opted for Mer over someone more qualified but he probably wouldn't have that brought up anytime soon.

"He's your family, I didn't think-"

"He's no blood of mine now." It's cruel Mer knows and she cringes at her own words, but as ever the steely determination settles in. They never do anything by halves. "Look it's just Muon-" Muffin begins to be cut off again.

"And don't think I don't know why you're alright with the child suddenly bein' out from under foot." Mer scowls. It isn't hypocritical so Muffin doesn't call it, but it is annoying. "He's better off away from us while we transition, there is so much to do and it's not something a child should handle." He appeals to her instincts and looking around at the dormant ovens, the mess of tabletops and floor. She wasn't a biologist no, but she was a damn good baker. "Aye, you're right. But not with Quinn." Mer stresses.

"Muon and Milly made their own choice Mer, they've been through this before." Muffin looks back to the work load, squares his shoulders to dive back in. "And you already cocked it up with them once, and everyone." Mer reminds him and then puts her hand on his shoulder before it connects. "Ye've got a second chance, what are you doing with it?"

"The only thing I can."