As a general rule, if they're under the eye of the Fed, they're part of the magical community.

If you're a very inexperienced ______, you're a fledgling ______.

You're an apprentice ______ if you are actively learning from a specific person, regardless of your title. If you don't have a teacher, you're self-taught. (As in, Bobby is an apprentice witch studying under Sally, but Susy is a self-taught wizard.)

And, let's face it, "magician" makes you sound like those slight-of-hand stage magicians. In fact, the term "magician," while technically acceptable, is usually used as a slang term for a fake. It's usually an insult, whether it's referring to a fake in the magical community or an actual mudane slight-of-hand stage musician.

There are three ranks in the magical community, which are given by the FMM during the Census Evaluations. In case you were wondering, they have absolutely nothing to do with your gender. From the bottom up, they go as follows:
  • Witch is the most common title, and indicates a general member of the community. Lots of people are content to use their every-day magic, and stay a witch. And that's okay. It's not all about titles, after all.
  • Wizard is the next step up. If you're really dedicated, spend a lot of your time studying magic, you go for the title of Wizard. At this stage, you're learning more complex magic than the stuff you use in every day life, and you probably only start learning ritual magic after you officially gain the title. Almost all members of the FMM are required to have this title, and this is usually the farthest anyone ever gets.
  • Mages are very knowledgeable, very skilled witches and wizards. Calling someone a Mage is like calling them a Master, or an Elder. It is a title that demands great respect, and is not given out lightly. In fact, one has to go through a very long process, as defined by The High Council, to earn the title of Mage. It's something that many a wizard aspires to, but very few achieve. The most well known Mages are members of The High Council - a position for which this title is required.

Warlock is a bad word. It's the title you get when you've committed a very serious crime and could be killed by a Reaper the second you step an inch out of line. You don't call someone a Warlock if they aren't actually a Warlock - and usually not even if they are. It's extraordinarily offensive.