It's said that, thousands of years ago, powerful Fae infused certain mortals with the essence of their beings, creating mortal humans with very Fae-like abilities. (Indeed, each Family of sorcerers tends to say they are "descended from a suchandsuch" or that their family was "born of a thatonemagicalcreature.") Their power literally comes from their blood line, from their physical being.

Because of the understanding of why sorcerers are what they are, there's a lot of debate on just how to classify them, even today. Some people consider them to be Fae - since their power source is clearly Fae, and only Fae pass on magic through blood lines. Some people consider them to be simply really magical human beings.

Either way, they tend to consider themselves just a little better than other humans. There are only eight Families known in all of history, and one is commonly known to have died out some time in the early 20th century. They are all extraordinarily concerned with keeping their blood lines strong, and as a general rule even the weakest of sorcerers tends to be stronger than the average middle-aged, life-long witch. They are the elusive celebrities of the magical community, and tend to keep to themselves.

Of course, their hiding is understandable, given their bad reputation - and I'm not talking about their being pretentious. The one ability that sorcerers have that makes them entirely unique is that they can steal another person's magic. No one's sure how they do it (rumor has it one of the ruling Fae knows, and she has always refused to speak on the matter) but they can actually steal another person's magic, adding that power - permanently - to their own and that of their blood-line, and rendering their victim completely incapable of using magic ever again. Of course, this hasn't really happened since the Dark Ages. But that doesn't stop witches and wizards from using them as a bedtime story to keep their children in line. (After all, you wouldn't want a Sorcerer to come and steal your magic, so you'd better clean up your toys and eat your broccoli.