Once every three years, the FMM conducts the Census. Every member of the magical community is counted, registered, and a pretty little file with their name on it is sent away to somewhere that must have a lot of filing cabinets. Usually this doesn't interfere with your every day life - if you haven't committed any crimes or have had some extraordinary event occur in your life, you simply check the "still alive and kicking" box on your post card and send it off.

Unless, of course, you're either under 25, or you have a criminal record with the FMM. If that's the case, you're required to get an Evaluation. It's no big deal, really. You just have to go before a panel of three people who were specifically chosen by the FMM to answer any and all questions they have that they might evaluate your magical abilities, how much control you have over them, and your knowledge of The Law. But if you meet or exceed their expectations, you get a special pin as a reward - and the collection of those pins has kind of turned into a social-status competition these days. (Which is funny, since the pins were made as a joke one year a while back. Guess that just goes to show how much people like getting rewards!)

Of course, there are people who attend who aren't required to go. After all, the Census Evaluation is the only way one can be approved and awarded the titles of Wizard or Mage.