Affectionately called The Fed or The FMM, this is your governing body. They lay down and uphold the Law. They keep diplomatic relations not only with The Other Lands, but with each other, and with the Mundanes. The Fed has seven Global Branches. Each Branch has two parts:

The Council is a group of leaders compromised of one representative from each nation within the Branch's geographical area. Each Council Member has the freedom to choose an administration staff as s/he pleases, but they usually have a treasurer, a secretary, and a number of diplomats working with them (who work in relations to other Branches, The Other Lands, and the Mundanes.) And, of course, the region's Head Knight. Understandably, they usually live in their own nations, with the occasional visit to the HQ.

The Knights are the law enforcement agency of the FMM. Working at all times in pairs, they see everything you do, hear everything you say, and are there to keep you safe from yourselves. If you break a Law, you can be damn sure they will be there within minutes, if they aren't there already. They're known on the streets as Reapers, thanks to their uniform black trench coats and ability to use deadly force (always in some form of mundy weapon, of course) if they see fit. Of course, they can't just go around offing anyone who annoys them. But if you're actively raising the dead or committing mass murder, don't expect to live to the end of your spell.

One member of each Global Branch represent their part of the world in The High Council, the ultimate power of the FMM. Their word is law, no matter what anyone else thinks. But they're also a group of the wisest, most talented, and most experienced Mages on Earth. So at least they know what they're doing.