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art's bio when rping
tells about her past and what things she had not open her eyes to
New Artfighter/Bunny update which will be permanet bio
Name: Artfighter

Age: Unknown

Weakness: being alone without her bunny, threats.

Eye color: dark blue which changes later to light hazel when her power changes into light.

Hair: Dark brown which changes to blond when power changes into light

Power: Darkness which changes into light sometime later which when it changes into light its permanent.

Darkness power: She can sink into shadows and shoot dark beams from her hand, Can also cause nightmares, and can blend into the night when its dark out or inside the buildings, she also has an ability to fly.

Light power: Unknown until further update.

Weapons: a pole stick which can come into two pieces

Companion: Bunny

Bio: Artfighter as a child had problems all the time and could usually never get along with anyone. For the fact why she wouldn't’t get along with everyone she later discovers her power act’s upon emotion. She ends up distancing herself from everyone around her and later’s made herself a friend. Which turns out as her bunny friend who once used to be human in past life. She as before meeting her bunny friend had ran away from her father and ran to be with her mother. Knowing she would be safer there soon she realized would not’t be safe for long so she had packed her things and made a run for it with her bunny friend she made before leaving her very own home. She had made a pact with the bunny with her own blood as she made a contract of her own. Before she left she put together a letter and safety instructions of where to go and had also said sorry in the letter for having her own mother put up the things that she put her mom through. She then ran with bunny with tears knowing that she wasn’t gonna have an easy life as she understands the man of the moon is watching her. She knows she holds something but doesn’t know what it is she holds for the future for herself or for the friends she will make while being with bunny as her fighting friend.

Name: Bunny

Age: Unknown

Weakness: Being reminded of his past life, or if somthing happens to his core inside the doll form, and of what happens to his master.

Past life: human magician/solder

Power: transforming, Regeneration, Explosion and holds some of the same powers as his master does. But also holds some of his old magician powers which he rarely uses.

Master: Artfighter

Bio: Bunny was once human that was fighting in a war long back in ancient past time. He had died saving many people of his own and always been strict of what he does. He made sure that all the little children he had met while in war was happy the best he could get them happy. And had also made sure that they got to safety out of harms way. He at times would get angry whenever he was ordered to slaughter a village of his enemy’s even if it had to be a child. He would secretly made sure those children would get to safety through his actions alone. He had later got sought as a traitor and was killed on the spot by one of his own solders when he saved an enemy child from harm. How he manage to save the child was always a mystery though since he was also part of a magician that he manage to pull things off many times before he was caught. Which had left many solders in wonder how long he manage to pull this off before he was caught. When he died he had also thought it was the end of things until he got summoned by Artfighter. Seeing a girl’s crying face just once was enough of him wanting to protect the child forever even if it ment allowing himself explode and stuff. Which he will forever be loyal to Art. Later in time though Bunny regain’s his voice while being in a bunny doll form as well. Since the beginning in the contract it doesn’t allow him to have a voice yet but in time the longer Bunny is with Art the sooner he regain’s his voice.

artfighter the returner
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