This unworthy servant has wandered the town aimlessly, catching gossip from the all knowing, and often sumptuous, locals before receiving an invitation. A man requests my presence and I am drawn to him inexplicably. I know my unworthiness will terminate our meeting, but a sliver of hope remains in my breast after all the kindness bestowed upon up until this point.

I make myself known in the palace of richness laid out before me. I am welcomed and enchanted by the man. He lays before me a beautiful bounty of which I am most eager to partake. This unworthy servant is overwhelmed by the extravagance that is placed before me. He is a Sultan among men. I bow before him.

The entire day passes in his glowing domain. I cannot take myself away for fear the dream will be erased. I long to endear my miniscule self to this Sultan of Highness. He is pleasing to behold and a charming speaker. I am lost in his easy manner and flowing compliments. Even so, I keep a firm grasp on my newly found wealth and my meager dignity. There must be things I do not see in Barton Town through my rose colored glasses.