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Yeeeah, I got a 3DS and Pokemon Y for Christmas! In the spirit of the inner collector inside me, I've decided to try to achieve what I did in Pokemon White (I think? The one with Zekrom).

Mission: Fill up the National Pokedex.
Status: National Dex complete! (2/10/14)
Still missing some event pokemon, though.

Current Mission 1: Catch some miscellaneous shiny pokemon.

Current Mission 2: Beat all of the Battle Catelaines.
Status: Beaten Normal Single and Normal Rotation.

Mini Side Quest: Collect all the Vivillon patterns.
Status: 17/18, missing Sandstorm

I'll work on beating the Battle Maison's Chatelaines when my Dex is filled (or if I need a break from it). I also want to hunt for some shinies eventually.

Finally, I've gotten all the starters from Gen I - VI! I somehow nabbed a Cyndaquil and a Treecko off the GTS for a fair trade, breed 10 or so Treeckos, and traded all of them for the starters I was missing. Now to evolve these guys. To Restaurant Le Wow! And Calem!

Officially seen every pokemon in the Central Kalos Dex, and I have all the starter Evolutions!

I've bred even more Treeckos and offered them for more pokemon that I'm missing. The Oshawott (now a Samurott) and the Snivy (now a Serperior) I received yesterday is French and Spanish respectively, so maybe I should breed those instead because I'll have a higher chance at hatching a shiny Oshawott or Snivy! xD

I enjoy leveling and evolving traded pokemon instead of my own caught pokemon because the "outsider" bonus makes gaining Exp. much faster.

Incredibly enough, people are willing to trade Stone evolutions and Item trade evolution pokemon for 5th gen starter pokemon! I've gotten the Clampearl evolutions, Rhyperior, Kingdra, Slurpuff, Aromatisse, and many more through the GTS throughout the past two days.

I can earn evolution stones through Super Training, but trading off starters for evolved pokemon is much faster. Plus someone somewhere around the world will finally get that starter they were looking for. c:

Today I recieved my first pokerus pokemon, a Lvl. 35 Gallade! I immediately got to work infecting the remaining Oshawotts in my box. While taking a break, I received a Lvl. 86 Aegislash, which also had pokerus (and a Spell Tag?)! That's not a pokemon I'd want to give away...

I also got a Lvl. 65 Weavile, but this one had 5IVs and was already EV trained in all the right stats! Why would someone give that away? Either they're really altruistic, made a mistake, or found one with Ice Punch (which this one didn't have). Regardless, he went straight into my exclusive "Favorites" box. ^_^

Yesterday, I completed all of the Kalos Dex except for the legendaries that I'm missing (Xerneas and the three elemental birds) and Sylveon. I need to start looking up the pokemon that are not found in the game...

I'm going to take a break from this game for a few days while I prepare for my Pharmacokinetics exam. First exam of the semester, here I come!

My pokedex officially listed the Coastal Dex as "complete" without counting the legendary birds. I still haven't caught my game's Zapdos, but I'll get 'em eventually. I've encountered it what, 7-9 times?

Threw some HA Eevees and non-HA Sylveons (all with egg moves) after trying to breed a HA soon-to-be Espeon, some Ninjask and Shedinja (evolved two bred Nincada that I didn't need), and some Safari Dittos into Wonder Trade after infecting them with pokerus. It seems that I get more foreign traders when I Wonder Trade early in the morning or really late at night.

The most notable pokemon that I got back from the past few days were a Rattata, Shinx, and Bronzor for my pokedex. I've never been this excited over getting a Rattata in my life! Also, the Oshawott I deposited a few days ago was returned with a Magmortar. I wasn't expecting that. But what I REALLY wasn't expecting was:

JPN Magmortar Lvl. 100
"Seems to have traveled across bost space and time in order to reach the Kalos region from the Johto region."

Woah! It even has the Effort Ribbon and the Legend Ribbon! You've come a long way, buddy. I wonder if he was cloned...

I also got a German Scatterbug which I evolved into a pattern I didn't have. That was really awesome too.

I decided to train a 5IV Japanese Honedge that I got from Wonder Trade several weeks ago into an Aegislash. No wonder they're all over Wonder Trade like Charmander, Eevee, and Froakie--he's a really neat pokemon! I think I can incorporate him into a Battle Maison team.

The Pokemon Bank app came out some time today, which means I can transfer pokemon from Gen V to Gen VI. It's supposed to cost money, but for a month it's going to be free--completing my pokedex is going to be a lot easier now!

Aside from dex pokemon, I'm looking forward to bringing over all of my shines, legends, and the Gengar and Milotic that I trained for the Battle Subway (and maybe the Clefable, for double battles). Unfortunately, I won't have all the legends since some of them were touch-trade only, but I'll see what to do with that when the time comes.

For now, I gotta focus on my first Pathophys exam. I heard the first one was really tough...

Finally got Pokebank and Poketransporter up and running! I transferred a two boxes worth of legends, shinies, and other useful pokemon scattered across Soul Silver, Pearl, and White.

I'm probably going to spend most of the weekend transferring a bunch of pokemon. This is gonna be fun~

And holy canole, 89.47 on my Patho exam! For this professor, this is a new record~

I fired up my old GBA compatible DS, which was completely out of battery and needed some charging. The screen is so tiny and dark! No wonder I'm so nearsighted...

I cloned a box worth of Rayquazas and some other Hoenn legendaries in Emerald and migrated them through the Soul Silver Pal-Park, then through PokeTransporter in White and finally to the Pokemon Bank. I traded them off for all the legendaries that I was missing and had some left over; I traded those off for a bunch of Vivillon patterns. I'm not entirely sure which ones are "rare", but I don't mind. ^_^"

Maybe I'll make another box of Rayquazas...I want to take as much advantage of my free 30 day trial as I can because I don't feel like paying for it. Then again, I've hit the 31 box limit. Then again...I still have plenty of room, because most of the boxes are only 1/2 - 2/3 of the way filled, plus I can make more room by releasing Wonder Trade pokemon that I don't want.

I felt really nostalgic after replaying all of these games over again. I especially missed Soul Silver, which, if I had to pick, would be one of my all time favorite Pokemon games overall. Pokemon-amie is really fun, but it doesn't beat having a pokemon always by your side while going on an adventure. It comes VERY close to it, though.


My list is short enough that I can make an actual, physical checklist!

In other news, I was curious as to how inflated Gaia's MP has become.
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Yeesh...RIG bundles are a whopping +30mil with singles going at +4mil a pop.
I made my first 100mil gold yesterday, but it doesn't seem like much of an achievement anymore...

I still have 4 bundles of Checkmate Tactics, and if I sold all of them I would get...*multiplies 3 mil by 36*...

108 mil. Geez. That's good news for me, I suppose, since Caches are only 50k, but I really feel for those who used to enjoy questing for items but find it to tedious to do so anymore. I'm only keeping up because I had a stockpile of hoards to work with before the inflation hit.

On a much brighter note, I cleared the Sacred Grounds in Cave Story in under 3 min! Now Sue is the pointer icon on the title screen. How cute. c:


Turns out that I had 707 pokemon out of the required 705, but I had three event pokemon that didn't count. Therefore, I was missing exactly one pokemon that I didn't put on my list.

After meticulously scrolling through my pokedex twice, I found out that the final pokemon was Tropius. There happened to be a shiny one up for trade in the GTS, so I obtained it in exchange for a Groudon. I figured that my last pokedex pokemon should be a super special one, so why not go all out? xD

For my efforts I got the charm that increased shiny encounters! I can't wait to try this out, but I'll most likely take another break for a few days--I have yet another exam on Wednesday and I want to do well on it.

I really want to try out the Pokeradar and start off easy. I'm thinking either a shiny Fletchling or Scatterbug--they're easy to find and have a really pretty shiny color~ throat became really sore this evening. I can tell that I'm gonna be in for another horrible cold.


The past week I've been engrossed with watching Twitch Plays Pokemon. It's super chaotic but very addicting to watch. I joined in while the mob was about to complete the Safari Zone.

I decided to try the Masuda method. I hatched over 180 Froakies and ended up with one with perfect relevant IVs, so I switched to Fletchling and ended up hatching a shiny in less than 60 eggs!! It only has a perfect IV in defense, but it has Gale Wings and an Adamant nature so I could care less! I was pretty much just chilling on the recliner taking a half nap and wondering why the newborn Fletchling was brown instead of the usual color... xD

I'm up to +300 Masuda Froakie eggs and no shiny yet. I'm going to take a break and resume next weekend after this week's two exams are over.

Up to this point I've beaten all four Battle Catelaines on normal, and my Super Triple Battle streak is around 20. I need a faster Greninja (Timid, not Modest) to ensure that Mat Block protects me; two of the opponent's pokemon outsped her and I almost lost that battle.

I finally played some Twitch Plays Pokemon today just in time to see the mob give up on withdrawing Zapdos when Anarchy took over:

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A few hours later, I participated in finally withdrawing said Zapdos from the PC.
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Man that was fun! I hope we never touch the PC again.