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Antonio Hernández Carriedo
About Spain
1P Spain

Being known for his laid back, happy-go-lucky life style and extremely optimistic look on life is what Antonio is seen for; though sometimes, it is mistaken for idiocy. One could find him surrounded by many friends or by himself; working in the café, making paper roses or even tending to his garden. Within his garden you can find vegetables and fruits (mainly tomatoes and perhaps peppers) or many Carnations with a few Roses hidden (Hint to OTP). With red carnations being the national flower, his flower garden was dominated by them, followed by with pink then white carnations. Other times when he’s not busy working; he’s out partying at the many fiestas that are taking place. In his country, reasons for such things to be happening has a vast range, be it for a death or for just the heck of throwing tomatoes at each other; Antonio will definitely know how to make it into a party.

Antonio is a man of pride and takes the meaning of his coat of arms to heart. He knows just about everything on it and smiles every time he sees it, remembering history. He’s not very proud of what he’s done and he also knows that he has hurt many people. Rarely does he ever get mad anymore and keeps himself in check, making sure not to let it get the best of him. Though recently, his anger has been getting out of control. He has a split personality disorder that he developed during his Spanish Inquisition days and his temper from his rebellious pirate and Spanish Armada days.

Because of this man’s past, he’s been feeling worn out and sometimes makes people around himself feel more leery than Ivan (Russia) can to others. He doesn’t snap easily at most people unless he’s been drinking an awful lot. Usually he’ll become extremely emotional then melancholy; ranting on about how Arthur cheated to beat his Armada and when lil Lovino was cuter as a little kid. When he passes his limit of drinking, he’s like a loose cannon; he’ll go after anyone who even looks at him the wrong way. It’s best not to mess with him for he’s not weak either. On his days off or when he’s training for a bull fight and for the bull run, Antonio can be seen carrying around his 2,700lbs bull without a strain.

Antonio has a few habits that can be noticed by a number of people. When he's thinking hard about something, unconsciously he'll put his cross that he wears around his neck, into his mouth and nibbles a bit on it. Other times, if he's cooking for you, he might start humming or singing without really remembering that you're there. It's almost like he's in his own little world. While he's cooking, he'll sometimes start dancing or moving with music if the radio is playing.

The Spaniard has been asked before where he gets his energy because he seems to always be on the go and awake. He simply answers with a smile and talks about the sun shining down on his country, his people being happy and the pride of his people pushing him on everyday. With that, when it begins raining, he'll become a little more quiet than usual. He can be found sitting in a chair or laying on his porch, watching droplets coming down from the sky. For a certain reason, it reminds him of a night, back in 1588; something he'd rather not remember.

2P Spain

He'll appear with longer hair, scars visible on his cheek, forehead, chest, arms and so on. Sometimes he'll be dressed as if he's going out to a night club or dressed...rather provocatively.

He'll chuckle darkly, smirk and flirt with anything or anyone. He's more cruel, less caring about what he does and seems to not think through things completely. The brunette's anger is simply out of control at this point.

He's a smoker and drinker as well. Sometime's he'll shave other times he'll walk around with his stubble. This Spaniard does have a some what of a nice side... some what but it's rare to come by unless you're a close friend to the mind with is a rarity.

You can called him Sebastian, Sebas or so on. Full name is Sebastian Rubio Gonzalez, though his actual name is Antonio Hernandez Carriedo. Just for certain reasons, he rather be called Sebastian.

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