Eyes as crimson red
mixed with the blood of their enemies
washed over the body
covering a land much scarred by hatred
this was the only option for me
it's easy to write a scenario
easy to make a point
but how does this help
how can i say my words
once so full of hatred
can portray and spur a better tomorrow
how can i understand?
or ever exist in a world unlike mine
a world full of scars
full of eclipsed dreams
born in the shadow of lies
but yet i must write
of my hate and my trust
of my faith how ever blind
that one day i can no longer recognize the world
that one day it will be someplace worth every minute
i want to wake up one day
to a place so bright that my eyes can no longer adjust
a place so peaceful and hopeful
a place where we have learned to fix our many mistakes
a place that the whole world will happily call