The way I wrote them is awful, but they made me want to cry. It's not because of how awful they were, but the journals I wrote a long time ago gave me memories, and it hurt that I lost a few gaia friends because I liked them.

Link_hero_of_Light has removed me from his friends list.

Knuckles0007 changed his name to slash-reloaded, and then he stopped logging on. After a while, he logged on again, and last year, he logged on, but he hardly spoke to me. Sure, he could have lost gaia, and I would be fine with that, but he said he was happy we were friends. I told him the truth about what I did long ago, and he stopped talking to me. It hurt because I liked him, but it hurt even more when I found out he was talking to his other friends. He didn't even try to talk to me.

KingJack!, hasn't logged in since 2012, and I miss him a lot. He made me happy and included me in a secret thing.

I will miss them, but there really isn't anything I can do.