User ImageAn introduction to the Choco:
That awkward moment when you have to pack for an anime convention this weekend. That awkward moment where instead of using your one free day of the weekend to do that, you sit on your butt starting blogs when you've never blogged once in your entire life. Damn, Choco. ADHD meds wear off or something? sweatdrop

Hello everyone. (Whoever that may be). You can call me Choco. And at the very moment I an writing this, there are hundreds of other things I could be doing right now. Hundreds of things I wish I could do right now. (Like get my macbook's motherboard replaced so I could actually get back to editing pictures for that new Battle Scholars roleplay I've been stuck on.) I've been here on Gaia since 11/17/2005. Yeah, I was there back when there was just a certain magical feeling here on Gaia. A euphoria that isn't quite here nowadays. They've expanded quite a bit from their charmingly buggy past, and I remember when I first started this website, I was doing most of my roleplaying in classes at a career Center between lectures, assignments, and counter-strike played on lan matches with the entire classroom.

When I first started roleplaying here in Gaia, it was mostly with a collection of friends in the lab room, as well as two others in the CAD lab. That was sort of a light roleplay. We played ourselves as our gaia avatars, hosting a club on Gaia Commerce (I was the bouncer), and interacting hilariously. And no, I won't go into details. It was kind of a raunchy roleplay to begin with, and I'm surprised none of us got banned. Well, being the kind of guy I am, of course I got into this. Perhaps deeper than most of my friends. So I decided to stray from the group, and venture into the University section. And thus my roleplaying career here on Gaia began with a hilariously bad:

"Kai Runs out of the woods.
"Hey You with the wolves!" scream He yells."

I'm not even kidding! I have this classic roleplay still saved in my subscription box for some god awful reason to this day. And here it is!

I'll cover more of the hilarious unspeakable era of my early roleplaying at a later date, mostly because I do think there's something about those older illiterate roleplays that most people leave behind when they begin to get more literate. A certain charm and "Anything goes" kind of thing if you know what I mean. Anyways, my point was I've been here for a while. I've been in just about every classification of literacy, expanded as far as a brief period of advanced literate, then decided "To hell with the labels, I just want to have fun bringing characters to life rather than writing novels just to prove I can!" I've been in high schools for rich/poor/magical beings/supernaturally gifted more times than I can count. I've set across countless fantasy worlds, felled many demons and villains, befriended friends for life (Both in and out of character), and seen the best and worst sides of rp from many different angles. From here on out, I will be talking about my experiences, my thoughts, and the unspoken subconscious lessons that they never tell you in any guides, both advanced and beginner level. Everything here though is strictly my opinion. Spoken with honesty concerning my own subjective truth, which may be drastically different from your own. So bare that in mind, and watch as I pretend to know everything.