This time, baby, I'll be bulletproof...
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Name: Melpomene

Few things endure in life- a love of pink, a desire to be useful, endless loyalty, a love of books, and regrets for a life lived contrary to her own desires. The details of it escape her- she just knows she has a second chance. And with a resolve she didn't show in her last life, she's determined to live according to her own desires- and if that means a life of frills between stacks of books, then so be it.

Now a librarian, she's determined to never go back to a life like the one in her dreams- drab and filled with unrequited longing and unfulfilled desires. She doesn't care to dwell on the fragments from her past, and instead focuses on making the present and future the best it can be.

Only, where did these knife skills come from?

Likes: Reading, the color pink, sunlight, home-cooked food, lace, using her little library system, new experiences, helping, warm beverages on cool nights

Dislikes: Talking about the past, when books don't get checked out, being treated like she doesn't matter, too much noise in her library, wooden benches with no cushions, planes flying overhead, fish

Seasonings: Green apples, rabbit fur, a faded pink child's dress, siracha sauce, nadeshiko flowers, bits from an old card catalogue, a tattered and burned uniform