I love singing.
And recently I have been desiring to earn back my voice and expend energy and emotion to music.

I am quite shy about singing when others are around.
My voice is not bad, it can in fact be very nice.
But, it's a little rusty right now...making me rather worried. I have issues showing off my art until I find them very good/finished/perfected. Or just don't care. LOL

Where I live now, someone is almost always in the house with me. And if there is a lack of people in the house with me, well our neighbors could always hear. Seeing as there is only a wall that separates our homes.
I would go on a walk and sing, but then others would think I am crazy.
I would sit in or near some bushes by a lake or something...but there are apparently many dangerous and poisonous creatures here.

I was thinking along the lines of a sound-proof box.
Any realistic ideas?? x'D

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