I hate this
That they’ve made me a liar, a sneak, a rebel
I don’t want to be
But there are some things
Not even a parent should do
I watched my precious books
Go down in flames
What could I do?
And now they guilt trip me
Into doing ridiculous,
Overzealous, fanatic things
That I truly do not wish to do
They try to change my friends,
The people that I have chosen,
And that have chosen me.
They push their views on me,
Their ideals, not mine,
All in the name of religion.
What can I do?
They try to mold me
Into their perfect image of me
Do they even care what I want?
I am under a million obligations
A thousand expectations,
But still they ask for more.
I am so tired.
Of the lies
Of the hypocrisy
Of everything.
But there is still fight left in me
I will not back down,
But fight quietly.
I will sneak
And lie
And rebel
Betray, if I have to,
Because I still have free will.
I will never cease to fight
For what is only and rightfully mine
My thoughts
My feelings
My views
And I will dream of the day
When I can finally be

I guess everyone feels like that sometimes, I know, but poetry, for me, is a way to process and deal with my emotions. Often they're pretty negative (why else would I have to deal with them like this?), but you know, I like the end result. So yeah, I pretty much am the depressing, emo poetry writer (Not really, but close enough! xp