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Zero_Fang's Journal
what i do on gaia an stuff that happend
Zoid rp info
Main alliances

Helic Republic

A democratic nation with a elected president, known for great research into technology. Known for looking more towards the future rather then the past. They do savage ancient Zoids to retrofit and make new ones. The have police in major cities and outpost, though they rely on their military or Guardian Force for most frontier patrols. They are the longest lasting faction to date. Even with me for strikes whipping almost everything out they survived even in small numbers.
They have three Ultrasaurus that guard the capital known as the Three brothers. Capable of generating a mix of E shield, Charged Particle shield and Buster shield into forming a massive barrier around the entire city that is almost unbreakable. Ultrasaurus X handles two charged Gravity cannons, Ultrasaurus Y carries on Gravity cannon with a massive Rail cannon, Ultrasaurus Z with it's gravity cannon and large hybrid cannons. Each on of the brothers spots a set of homing blasters and missile.

Neo-Guylos Empire

After the war with Neo-Zenebas empire the Republic allowed them to move to the central continent and they move to a far corner of the massive continent far from it's Republic counterpart. They survived the threat of the Digald empire by hiding in underground bunkers and sustaining history and technology. After Digald was vanquished the reemerged and began to rebuild. The king allows for mass excavations to savage lost history, knowledge and Zoids. Although a recent war between the Republic had just end thee years ago after a year of difficult peace treaties, the Empire has flourished. By uncovering ruins they get profits from all sides that prospers from them funding the digs and trade Zoids they find for technology to help their people.
The Emperor has commissioned a special division of his army to help serve and protect the region with the Guardian Force helping from time to time.
The Empire upon learning of the Death Saurer they re-engineered it to the controllable Mega Saurer. Able to maneuver better with its mobility booster it's super charged particle cannon is even more deadly. Hidden in underground hanger the Empires holds the Mega Saurer and Gil Vader at it's disposal.

Kingdom of Kira

The kingdom of Kira is renowned for they're fight off they digald over a few centuries ago, They do hold a grudge against the Republic and Empire due to not helping with the war; tensions have eased a bit but both parties offering technology and disposal of the bio-zoids. With the two parties help they were able to introduce them to the Zoid helix's and energy source so that Reggel could be used else where. By both sides aiding Kira the reggel generators could do their best at making the environment and crops richer. Due to Kira's technology being modified the isles of Nyx became habitable. Both sides did however try to recruit Kira into their war but Kira sides with the Empire in the end. Reggel sales are one of the kingdoms highest incomes along with Zi metal, making it a wealthy Kingdom. Now that the war is settles the kingdom has expanded it's trade and joint ops, allowing the Guardian Force, Battle Commission, and Archaeological teams to come into the southern central continent
The kingdom is protected by two Astarte dragon Zoids, capable of raining down barrages upon enemies and generate storms. The Zoids are so flexible it is almost impossible to hit.
The Isles of Nyx

Nyx used to be the Dark Continent, with people weak to sunlight and dark Zoids with a Erie green glow. After then events of "God's Fury" a set of large islands broke off from the near uninhabitable continent and began forming a empire of their own. Upon witnessing men using their continent and Zoids for war they decide on a Queendom and a council when the islands came together. With the help of Reggel, generators and other technological advances the islands became habitable, although the environment did eventually cause the generator to break down they people worked hard to keep the land fertile. Due to being far in the ocean away from the central continents and the protection of the magnesser clouds. Only special transport vessels can reach through the clouds, or a skilled aerial or underwater pilot can reach them. With the help of the Kira kingdom new generators and shipments of reggel arrive in bulk to help boost the land's fertility. Years of living in harsh environments help make the citizens of Nyx
extremely tough and strong even in the most fail of appearances they can stand high g- forces, and with the help of technology and reggel they can stand being in the light. Though bright lights still hurt them, they install a protective coating for their cockpit. They sided with the Republic during the near but use the Guardian Force for all negotiations. Talks are going on to build set of bridges from Nyx to the central
continent. Nyx takes pride in it's Hydra Zoid and the seven pilots that control it, it's set of Leviathans and Great Whale King, these being used to prevent any enemy vessels from landing.
The Free colonies
This are Colonies, cities and towns scattered across the globe, that are either policed by themselves, the Guardian Force, or random mercs or battle teams. Many villages offer aid to everyone most accept this, although it angers some. Most notability are Hero's refuge at Valley of Hero's, Wind Colony,Water Colony,Earth Colony,Fire Colony, Iron town, Frost town, Lightning town, The new Blue city, Mt. Iselina, City of Wind, Romeo City, Easy town and Sakura village.

The Guardian Force

A elite organization formed long ago, lead by a council of two representatives of each faction The Republic, Empire, Kingdom, Queendom, Battle Commission, and Free colonies. A Guardian Force officer are chosen for combat, piloting skills, integrity, rather they can let go of personal affiliations.Seven out of twelve most elect a candidate. They have bases in every major cities and their Main HQ is a King Gojulas. Guardian Force's job is to look into sensitive matters, help protect the people of any country, and make a example for people to follow by.

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