The Continent of Prya

Prya is a large island continent, surrounded by an outer sea, and filled with an inner sea. You could liken its shape to that of a doughnut. It is home to a vast number of different biomes, from freezing tundras to the north, to expansive deserts to the south, and everything in between. Plains, swamps, rocky mountains, temperate forests, and jungles are all present in Prya too. Suffice to say, Prya is HUGE.

The Mainland of Prya is home to twelve different counties. These countries are: Alton, Durstra, Murond, Mandor, Valadia, Sirenia, Owzer, Zeltennia, Warjilis, Vowdeep, Terminus, and the Fin'Tayan Empire. Many of these countries are under one Monarchy, such as the Sirenian Empire includes Sirenia, Owzer, and Zeltennia. In the middle of Prya is another island, Wu Xi, a tiny country surrounded by everyone, who has become a main trading hub for the entire continent. The Holy Temple, though not a country in itself, and an autonomous nation that has set up roots in many different countries, and exists much like the Vatican exists in Italy.

The continent of Prya has been shaped the way it exists today by many wars. The most recent war, the Dragon War, was merely 20 years ago, and some still say its not over yet, despite a peace treaty being signed. Many countries have not forgotten who fought against them in the war, and many still have strained relationships with their previous enemy countries. So strained, in fact, that it almost feels like the tiniest mistake could cause another war to break out. The whole continent is always walking on eggshells.

Though Prya is home to many culturally advanced countries, it still had a racial problem. Travelers must be wise to where they are going, as almost every country is highly xenophobic. If you are a race such as a lycanthrope, tiefling, or any other "evil, dangerous, race", many countries will simply execute you if they find you out. Few safe-havens to this prejudiced exist on Prya, with the two only being Vowdeep and Durstra. Owzer could be counted as well, but only to those of infernal bloodlines, due to their belief that those with Outsider blood are superior to any mortal race. Most countries look down upon Owzer, however, deeming its people to be "crazy and fanatical".

Prya also has a sister-island to the south, but no one travels there, as the continent is continuously at war, and going there is far too dangerous. Prya does not involve itself much with them.