woke up in the morning and decided to do PS on ZOMG to earn gold. And the leader was horrible....the crew members were horrible. I started to notice that their stamina was still at 100, and not going down evil And me and this kid had to do all the work where our stamina is 0. So I tested out my theory and I left a few saws still there and looked to see if any of the crew members killed it....did they?! NO

so obviously I have no luck and always end up with leechers. lol But it's cool, you know to be with leechers that just suck up your money. emo There were only a few times where I was with a cool crew. UGH......but yeah the leader left half way,and since none of the crew members did anything, we end up dying but yeah pretty nice. After 2 rounds, I'm done.... ninja