One thing a relationship has to have is trust. Without trust, there's pretty much nothing. Also, a couple has to put effort into their relationship. People are always putting pressure on the guys, saying that they need to make the first move and that they need to be spontaneous and sweet, but the girls have to throw something on the table too. Guys can feel just as neglected as girls. So girls, at least try to make your guy feel loved, special, important, or whatever. Take him out, surprise him, show him he's worth your time. It'll make him smile and if you really care about him, you'll want to see that, right? I'd sure like to think so. And guys, I know there's a lot of pressure on you, but you don't have to spend all your money or put that jewelry on layaway. Just do something nice, write a note, plan a picnic, do something cheesy or even something totally cliche. It'll seem lame, but trust me it works. I only say this because relationships cannot be all for one situations. Its like building a house. How strong is that house really going to be if you're working on it all by yourself? And how long will it take? If you're expecting to build a nice, beautiful, comforting house that'll last for awhile, you're probably gonna need some help. (worst example ever, but you get it, yeah?)

Kat =^.^=