[9:31:29 PM] The Drippy Sink: Only to have it turn out that there's some ancient artifact hidden in the ruler's castle that subtly and gradually corrupts whoever claims the throne, rendering the entire endeavor fruitless, for once you return to the realm some time later it's in a state similar, or almost as bad as the initial visit, and the people recognize you as their once-were saviors and turn to you to save them once again

Only this time, the new king knows of you and your power, and puts up a much more devious and brutal fight, possibly leading to the death, or near death, of one or more of your adventurers, and leads you to need to discover a way to unseat and overcome the king, to which it is revealed by an ancient mystic that the answer lies in the past and that you must travel not through a dimension, but through the very fabric of time to find the answer, which turns out to be the undoing of the entire chain of events that put the original king in power. Your party suceeds, but upon your return to the time of the second corrupted king, you find the world in harmony, but none of the inhabitants recognize you any longer.

Your regal and appreciative treatment is no more, and you are no longer the heroes of the people. Instead they treat you as commoners, and in a dramatic mix-up of events, you end up prisoners of the current town guard, sentenced to rot for years and years in a disgusting jail cell for a crime neither of you committed.

Your only hope is to escape in a brazen jail-break, which succeeds, and then you are lost and stranded in the new realm, searching for someone who knows of magic and the alternate dimensions and can help you discover a way to return to your dimension-jumping ways, a sorcerer who cares little for visitors, and even less for those who seek his powers. It turns out that the sorcerer you seek out is the same one who corrupted the ancient artifact that took hold of the original king, and he is the ONLY individual still unaffected by the dramatic shift in the timeline, and he seeks revenge upon you all for his plan was to corrupt the kings and use their influence to rule the realm
[9:40:25 PM] The Drippy Sink: Then an epic battle with the sorcerer ensues. Finally, after exhausting all of your powers and knowledge, you defeat him, leaving the portal and magic he was harboring to your disposal. You travel through the portal, leaving the realm behind, and once you emerge from the portal you set foot in the previously jumped from realm, staring into the portal(or whichever means you're using to dimension jump) which took you into the initially war-torn era, only to find that its a large mirror into which you are staring... and have been for quite some time, with a crowd now gathered 'round, waiting to see what you're going to do.