Okay, so I'm just going to write this big long entry.

Yesterday, 1/18/14, I received a special gift, from an anon. My very first anon and yeah so I received a coin flip. I was actually jealous because I saw so many others receiving like 7 of them. I opened it without thinking and received Horns of the demons. (Found out it was a popular item? o.o) But yah, I sold it in MP since I didn't really like it and I brought the Neo panda thingy in my hair. Too long to spell I also brought the eyes Im wearing and I brought north kitten star which I always wanted, I also brought my bffl/sister for life a gift. And yeah I pretty much got whatever I always wanted and now I'm down to 89k. lol

Atm, I do not want anything and I might just save up and donate to the people. Unless I see anything I like...then yeah I'll buy it. But to sum it up, I'm pretty content right now and I am excited for the next few days or months to enjoy this. Well time to scan the cb and see what's up. Ciao~