Woah! It's been a while. Happy new year guys! and I guess I owe some updates on life
(and my sincerest apologies to those who I've kept waiting for art for an extended period of time)

Wow, 2013 had been a whirlwind; my older sister got married, my younger sister is off to uni, and I've just been muddling through two jobs this year. The first was actually as an intern crafter at a small events decorating company that wound up decorating my sister's wedding. Though I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent there, there were its struggles, and not to mention pressure from some relatives who were... to put it nicely... not particularly happy with my choice of a job.
Family politics behind that affected me more than I care to admit, and ultimately, I wound up dropping that job for a temp position doing some marketing and design work. At this point it was already almost the latter part of 2013, and it certainly kept me busy and off the internet up until now. Sad to say that also meant I haven't had the time to be drawing. I won't go into too much boring detail on what happened during my stint there, but suffice to say I don't particularly wish to return to that industry and its back to the drawing board for me.

I'm painfully aware of how picky all this job hopping makes me sound, but nothing so far has felt like a proper fit, and I don't want to shortchange myself and settle for something that ends up making me miserable and exhausted at the end of the day. Who knows, when my time comes I may just end up doing so, but while I'm still open minded and not so easily knocked down, I'm open to trying any and every opportunity that comes my way. Besides, I think I'm managing fairly well like this so far (at least I hope so? I'm still alive ein't I? Hahaha).
In any case, for the time being I've relocated back to my parent's place in Beijing for a temporary holiday and to figure out what's next. Hopefully another job opportunity that had presented itself would pan out better than the previous and give me more time to figure out career stuff and stuff. (Hey, gotta figure it out eventually) I can't promise there'll be consistent updates and rambles on how it goes... but I'll be around to doodle, even if at least for now.

Welp, that's about all you'd need to know about what's going on over here right now.
User ImageI wish you luck and good success in 2014! May it be our best one yet!