Eva, TN next to the TN River, Lived on North Drive. Has been relocated to A house up the Old Flatwoods Road. Military has set up shop in the Eva Park, All homes near the area have been evacuated and residents fill the previously empty homes away from the river, and the river has been fenced off. The town is under Martial Law, and curfew is strict. (House is second on the left from the marker.) Military went door to door and took all illegal substances, firearms, and addictive substances. All that refused where shot if considered a threat or sent to Jail. Other than that life goes on as normal.

Marry (Protagonist) was planning on taking her dad and sister to the "Midnight Riders" concert (Refered to as an oldies concert to keep game hidden) on day 21st of the infection, however, the flu made it impossible to get anywhere near there and the concert was canceled. On top of it all, reports of a biological terrorist attack in Pennsylvania starts to flood the air waves and the military begins to set up boarders and take control. Marry than begins to talk about the move to get away from the river and how her brother Billy's (Boot man Bill )disappearance and how she shouldn't have covered for him when the police asked about his pirated media and wired obsessions( Black Magic and some of his med school resarch). She than writes about how her and her sister started to talk about the posters put up about reporting symptoms and unusual behavior. She discusses the symptoms and says it's like some sort of Grim Reaper flew or something.

Next day, reports about the entire east coast going dark and Nashville has gone silent. reports also indicate the military has set up quarantine zones and are demolishing any way to and from the far eastern United states. Those with any sort of illness get's taken into quarantine for examinations. Most leave,but some have to stay over night. Marry than starts to talk about how some neighbors have been executed or thrown in to the military's prison camp for being difficult and a small rebellious group gets mowed down when they start rebelling about their constitutional rights and want their weapons back and demanding to know what the hell is up with the Raper Fever.

On the 23rd day the military starts collecting blood samples, and those who are difficult are beat and blood is taken that way. When Marry is up to be tested she will ask one the soldiers what is going on, but a higher officer will step up and tell her that it is for need to know and everyone in the compound is being tested and not to worry about the so called "Reaper Fever". She over hears a solider talking on her walk home and hears one of them say something about "Tango Mikes" but quickly is hushed by his companion and lead inside. Before she get's home however, she catches a glimpse of Billy but is gone when a military Jeep rolls by and he is lost from sight.

On the 24th day soldiers come across the river by chopper and one of the soldiers starts to convulse all over the floor and screaming through the bile as tears turn to blood. The solider turns into a twitch mess on the floor as several others run up yelling,and start unloading into the solider. Soon a haz-mat crew is cleaning up the mess and quarantining the spot where the patrolling solider became ill. Later others are round up from the street and are sterilized and sent home. Unfortunately, rumors about the Reaper Fever and the events that night spread like wild fire and people begin to panic the next day because people are starting to show symptoms of the Reaper Fever.

On day 25 the Military starts to pull out select people into two different groups. One is of Carriers and the other is Naturally immunize.