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So, I'm starting a journal...
Just a little place for me to put bits of my writing.
My Doll.
She looked absolutely stunning.

Her long, jet black hair was tied up into a loose yet elegant bun, her bangs had slipped out to frame her face, and make her icy blue eyes stand out even more. The blue in her eyes was heavily accentuated by the deep blue dess she had on-a bit showy, but very flattering with her figure. It hugged against her skin, the strapless look showing off her neck, and the beautiful, yet simple, silver necklace that adorned it. The dress cut short at her mid thigh, leaving her legs bare until you reach the silver heels that her feet were slipped into-looked uncomfortable, but what does a man know about womens fashion? And besides, they make her appear even taller and leaner than she already was.

A small silver clutch purse was in her hand and, as I stepped closer, I could see her lips-a natural pinkish color-twist into a smile. She wasn't looking at me, I realized soon enough. Another, bulky fellow, shoved past me, grabbing her by the hip and pulling her into a kiss.

I don't know why, but I was furious.

I couldn't do anything about it, of course. I merely stood there and stared. Watched their group raise their eyebrows in slight surprise, then their faces contorted as the kiss continued for an awkward amount of time. He eventually pulled away, the brute, and she wiped her lips on the back of her hand, a disgusted look on her face as he turned away to greet the others.

I knew I could love her so much more than he does. I knew I already did. But, something was holding me back. Her perfect smile, beautiful figure... the laugh-like a small bell that jingles-and her, oh, just her everything! She was perfect... in every way, shape, and form.

Love at first sight.

So, I followed her home. After watching her all night, I just couldn't stay away. I needed to feel her by my side, to have her near me, to smell her hair-which smelled like that of cherries and vanilla, to press her lips against mine, I just wanted her to BE mine..... and so, I made sure she would be. I followed her home. I spent all night figuring out exactly where she lived. After going back home, I got maps for the complex she lived in. Not too bad, really. I got my lockpicking tools. A few screwdrivers, to get into the vents. I was set.

And so, I went back. In the middle of the night the next day. Went toward her door. Unscrewed a vent in front of it. Climbed in, and crawled about. Then I found her. Ah, the way she had set up her room was perfect..... the vent was close enough to her bed that I could watch her as she slept... her face glowed at in the moonlight.. she truly was beautiful. I stayed like that for who knows how long. Her alarm went off, sending me out of my trance, and waking her from her peaceful slumber. She sat up, slamming the snooze on her alarms clock and rubbing her eyes. I chuckled. She was so cute. It wasn't until a few momoents later that I realized she had tensed up. She heard me laugh.

I broke it.

Everything I had worked so hard to achieve in one night. She turned her gaze around the room, and I held my breath. Thankfully, she shrugged and continued on, locking herself in the bathroom to shower. I realeased the breath I was holding. Then, carefull, I shifted my position. I had been sitting on my foot all night, it had fallen asleep.

And despite the painful prickles going all up and down my leg, I smiled.

I smiled wide. Taking my screwdriver, I unscrewed the screws on the vents, slipping down onto her bed. Oh, it was so warm. I layed there, in the same shape she had layed there all night (I had memorized it after staring at her peaceful sleeping for so long), for a few moments, before standing once again. Pulling my lockpicking set out from my back pocket, I swiftly unlocked her bathroom door. The shower was running, hot steam everywhere. Her pajamas scattered about on the floor. I quietly opened the glass door to the shower, stepping in beside her. God, she was gorgeous. She was perfect.

I wrapped one arm gently around her waist, the other moving to cover her mouth for the enevitable scream that was to follow. She began writhing, screaming, jabbing at me, and I only whispered in her ear not to be scared-I didn't want to hurt her-I didn't mean too...

She just, slipped.

Her writhing made it hard for me to hold her, and she slipped and fell onto the tile, smashing the back of her head open in the process. It was a shame.... she was so perfect before. Unscathed. Beautiful. Pristine.

And now, she had a scar.

I picked her up, princess style, and laid her down on the bed. I spent the rest of the day scouring through her stuff. Her clothes, make up, jewlery. I found everything I thought looked best on her. I had been so immersed in my task, I had not realized that night had fallen until I chanced a galnce out the window. Then, I packed my things. I used her biggest suitcase to store her in, taking a smaller one for her belongings I was taking with me.

I brought her to my house-her new home-and took her into a spare room. Everything was pink, themed to a castle-princessy like era. I donned her in a pink frilly dress, and a pink cone shaped hat with a tassel on the end. Her hair, I curled into beautiful ringlets, and I gave her natural looking make up-leaving her beautiful lips the natural pink that they were. But.... I had to coat them in pink lipstick to keep it that way. But, that was no issue.

She was my Doll. I would have fun with her while I could.

And so, every day, we would play dress up. And have tea parties. And I would be happy, with the one I loved. Even as she rotted away.

Queen Momo Ferno
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    >: O

    I love this. ; w ;

    Sadness doesn't go away. Pain demands to be felt.
    comment Uka Yukeno · Community Member · Fri Mar 21, 2014 @ 01:16am
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