In the beginning there was only silence.. But then I filled the realm with my song..

X'Talda was a thriving planet. Lush and green, bursting with life. It was a paradise among the stars. A place described in stories as the garden where all things in the realm's universe started and grew. Millions of years passed this way as different species rose and fell and evolved.

But there was new life here..

My kind were born. Beasts without a purpose. Our hooved feet stood sunk in the ground and our nostrils were filled with the smell of fresh air for the first time. I looked up to the sky and a single word slithered out of my mouth.. Deep and raspy.. "Svelesh"

But we were lost. Hungry. Cold. We wandered the planet.. surrounded by each other but alone and lonely. I felt the agonizing pain of silence.. Why were we here? My stomach ached and I went years feeling this way. I began to snarl at those around me. And I was met with the same. We were dying.. there was life all around us. But we would not eat. When others crossed my path I put them down. I felt nothing when they died. I did not fall to anger when they lived. It did not matter. We never spoke to one another. We developed our words but found no need to use them.

I secluded myself away from everything. I brooded with empty thoughts and moved with no feeling. Night fell and I looked to the sky once more. This time something else escaped my throat. A song. A song that carried into the sky. I listened as it filled my lungs and left me feeling something more. I wanted to sing more. I listened again. More songs. Others were singing now too. Every song was different but they all played a part in a bigger symphony. The planet shook from our voices. We were here. We were alive. And we did not want to die. For once I felt my kind had a purpose. I wanted to share my song more. I sang for weeks straight. While others stopped from exhaustion I continued. Day by day and night by night I sang until the pain and hunger took control of me. The sun came up, my song weakened. I collapsed..

Once again there was new life.

From the depths of the water crawled out something young and fresh. They opened their eyes for the first time and saw the sun shinning down through their watery world. They longed to feel the warmth and left behind their dark cold home. They stepped out and onto the planet. I met the first wave of them. One approached me. Wide eyed and curious. These were not like other creatures. These were the eyes of something intelligent. The female reached out and touched my face as I lay there dying.

I opened my jaws to her.. and I sang. She smiled. We were still in that moment of song. Solid black eyes gazed at me and she lifted her wrist up, cut from crawling out onto rocks. Her blood dripped onto my tongue and something inside of me lit up. I was on fire at the taste of her. I felt alive. I could carry on in this world and live. I lifted my head and I fed. Almost draining her body dry.

Other beasts emerged from the forest at the sight. Both sides watched quietly as I drew blood and feasted. My body cracked and ached. I became stronger and could stand up on my own again. The young female collapsed. Still wide eyed and unaware of the danger.

And it was dangerous. The beasts took to the new kind. They were starving.. They saw me take my fill and what it had done. The Beasts ripped them apart and fed. The shore was painted red. The new species made no sound. They just stood there and were slaughtered. I looked back down to my little female. Her eyes were dimming before me. I had taken too much from her. I wrapped my arms around her, shielding her from others. When they approached me I ripped their throats out. They had gone to far. They didn't have to kill the young ones to feed.

Then it was over. They were all dead. The beasts stood up and realized their mistake. They had killed off the only thing that could keep them feeling alive. I looked down on the female. She was barely alive. Fading quickly. We had never felt emotion so strongly as in that moment. I began to sing. I was met with more songs around me. Sad songs.. Songs of remorse. We had been foolish.

My young female had almost faded. But she was stronger then I could have imagined. She survived. The other Beasts left her be as she recovered. They feared what I might do to them if they neared her. I stood by her side for days. Her body laying there on the shore surrounded by her slaughtered kin. She didn't move. She didn't look at me or speak to me. I tried to sing to her. But my songs were different. I was stronger and fed and I could sing louder then ever. Glimmering portals would open in the air. I could see into them. Different realms. Different places.

Weeks had passed.. she had not eaten.. She had not moved.. But she was still alive. Did she not have to feed like I? My songs continued for her. Portals rippling around the air for her. I gave everything I had into my singing for her. Why I became so attached to her I would never know.

I showed her our universe. When she had seen it all I wanted to show her more. I began ripping portals further into other realms. I needed her to move. I needed her to acknowledge me. To do something more then lay there with dull black eyes. I sang until hunger started to set in again. I didn't feed. I was afraid too. Afraid to lose this little one.

"Live.." I opened a portal to the farthest realm from ours. I tried to dazzle her with the beauty of life and everything. Show her that she could have anything she could dream or wish for. I would grant that for her if she would only look at me. She didn't move. My songs became frantic and frightened.

I could feel myself dying again from singing and starving. Others too were beginning to feel it. They would loom in the forest edge and watch the shore. Any who were foolish to stray too close were cut down by me. This one was mine. They had killed theirs.. This one was mine.. I do not remember how many fell before soon it would seem I was more then outnumbered.

They fell upon me and I couldn't fight them off. I shrieked out at them. My voice found anger. Hatred for my own kind. "Stop!" But it was too late. They had her in their claws ready to rip her apart. The hunger took over them and they could not help themselves. Her eyes opened at looked into me. I felt panic. I felt agony.

Hope crawled out of the water once more..

More of them crawled out and greeted us. It was just in time.. They dropped my female and time stood still as it had days ago. They knew it couldn't happen the same way this time. She dropped to the ground and I wrapped my body around her once more. Her eyes opened and she gave me a smile.

This wave was larger then the first. But they greeted us with the same unknowing looks. They did not fear us. They didn't even react to the rotted flesh and bones that littered the sand. The Beasts changed. Their hunger was stifled by the sobering realization that we would have to rely on these creatures and live with them without killing them. Or we would starve and die off.

That was when it happened. When we each paired up with one of them. We started a bond that would last for as long as they lived. We would give them everything they could want. If they were in danger we would do our best to protect and shield them. And in trade, they would feed us and let us feel alive. When they died we would bond with another. My female and I were the first to bond together.

They were immortal, never aging it seemed. Living on forever as long as they were not reckless. They could be killed however.. We named them Users. We learned there was a side effect to using our portals how ever. It drained them of their life. Their jet black hair paled and those dark wide eyes of theirs faded. They also became addicted to the feeling of passing through a portal. It was a heavy price but each of them happily paid it.

But we were still monsters. And we had slaughtered our first chance at happiness. We wanted to pay for it. We didn't wish to see the light dim from there eyes from us ever again. So we faded. We became invisible to them. They could live their life without ever knowing fear from us. As our relationship developed many knew of our existence still. Some chose to forget. Some chose never to share that they knew. We agreed to this.

I stayed with my female through her whole life. Tasseria was her name. She was the first. And the strongest I had ever had in my company. Opening portals without so much as a breath. She would open them and sit inside to listen to my songs. And I would sing to her every night as she slept. If she wished she could rip gates open without destroying the planet she viewed. She lived and had children of her own. And then she died. I had never mourned so hard.

Both our species grew together. They built colonies and learned. Language developed and they could read and write in it. We watched them rise into the prominent species of the planet. When their young were of age they would offer them to beasts without a bond. We lived in harmony. We would always live in harmony.