This is for all you victims of unrequited love. The ones who fight with everything they've got to keep going when they know for a fact they will never be enough. This is for the brokenhearted, the distressed, the mourning, and the dreamers. This is for those who love selflessly, who expect nothing in return. This is a plea to all you skeptics, you cynics, you disbelievers of true love being had and lost all alone to open up your minds just a little bit and see what is so obviously in front of you.

People like me? We love freely. We love unconditionally. We love like we'll never love again. Because some of us? Some of us would give the ultimate sacrifice for our love. When our backs are against the wall, when all hope is lost, we will die with our hearts in the hands of those we held most dear, even if the subjects of our affection refuse to acknowledge it. We spend our lives wasting tears on those who don't -- can't -- feel the same way and we are happy to do it.

Why? Because those who don't believe they deserve it are the ones who need our love the most. Because our hearts cling to possibilities and hold tight. It never ends well, but this love makes us stronger. We see value in ourselves if we can love others.

...Or maybe that's just me.