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"I actually only have two weaknesses – Cigarettes and Women and I’m picky about both of them."

Murder doesn’t necessarily mean evil, right?

    FULL NAME: Homura Kagari
    ALIAS : The Immortal Flame, is the Alias Homura was given by the Vatican officially after he was born, although unlike during the Blue Night when Satan tried to cross over into Assiah, the Vatican attempted to retrieve one of their members from Gehenna from Satan but during the return back the pregnant woman burst into Flames along with the team who retrieved her. The only one left alive was the baby inside of her stomach and with her death came the birth of Homura. This birthing of flame brought from the nickname of ‘The Immortal Flame’
    NICKNAMES: Homura has quite a few nicknames, a few he’s not very proud of but he can’t say he doesn’t hate them. Spawn of Satan is just a name that he’s brought himself to get used to after living within the walls of the Vatican his whole life, he practically grew up believing that it was his name but other than those whom fear who his father actually call him by this name. It’s not something he likes to hear in civilized conversation. The Demon Prince Homura is a name he gets called by those of Demon Kind, because his birth was a rare one to survive and the fact he obtained the powers of Satan and wasn’t taken over from the moment he was born brought most demon kind to respect him as a demon and some choose to even protect him even though he’s their enemy while he’s a member of True Cross. Homu-Homu is a name Homura received from some of the girls around the Academy who fall in love with his charm. Homura personally love when girls add things like chan or san after his name, he believes it just makes them excited and ready for the picking at that point. Homura is what he prefers men to call him, anything else and he gets a little angry.
    DATE OF BIRTH: November 9
    GENDER: Male
    NATIONALITY: Japanese
    ORIGIN OF BIRTH: Hirakata, Osaka, Japan
    OCCUPATION: Although he’s not an official Prince of Gehenna being born half human Homura is a Prince of Gehenna regardless and will one day obtain the position Satan has if anything should happen to the King of Gehenna. Although for now Homura is just a student at True Cross Academy training to be an Exorcist for a single purpose.
    APPEARANCE: Homura is a tall, muscular man with red hair and amber eyes. His crimson locks is kept short, ruffled, and spiked, with two strands of hair near the opposite sides of his head falling over his face, as well as distinct sideburns. This look was chosen by Homura after he left the walls of the Vatican after watching a boy band music video for the first time and he thought it would be nice to mimic it. Homura has light creases under his eyes.

    Homura typically wears a black, leather jacket with a fur collar and a white V-neck underneath the jacket with dark blue denim jeans held up by either a brown leather belt or a studded belt with a silver chain attached from the belt to his back pockets. Additionally with black shoes to top off the rest of his outfit. Homura wears other jewelry pieces with his clothes, primarily silver: a silver ring, and a star-shaped necklace as well as a single piercing in his left ear. These silver pieces of jewelry aren’t just for show, they were created by the Vatican after studying demonic powers and the breeding between a demon and a human parent. These items restrict or bind Homura’s demonic powers as long as he has them on. Homura is forced to have on three of these Demon Power Limiters in order to restrict the complete change of his physical body and creation of the Azure flames that proves he’s the child of Satan, even the demon sword Kurikara is affected by this change. Normally if a Child of Satan held this weapon their blue flames would appear just as bright and dangerous as Satan’s, but with the effects of the Demon Power Limiters Homura’s flames turn into a bright pink and red rather than Blue, although when his power limiters are removed Homura’s demonic side comes out.

    As a Demon his physical traits change, such as his prominent canine teeth and ears become pointed, he gains a black, fur tufted tail. Homura also gains two, horn-like blue flames floating above his head and slitlike red pupils while his irises glow a deep blue. The once pink and red flames are replaced completely by blue flames blazing around his body mostly at the tip of his tail.

    While in True Cross Academy, Homura wears the school’s uniform for his House, usually its rocker styled which is slightly messy; the necktie is tied loosely and his shirt isn’t tucked in. Homura is also seen carrying around Kurikara in either a red or blue sleeve over his back and shoulder with a black or white strap. Sometimes he just carries the sleeve within his hand as he walks around to give off his tough student appearance.

But those who do take it upon themselves to kill others, have to be prepared to have others try to kill them.

    HEIGHT: 185 CM [ 6 Feet 1 Inch ]
    WEIGHT: 75.3 KG [ 160 LBS ]
    EYE COLOR: Amber (Human) / Deep Blue (Demon Form)
    PIERCINGS: Single cartilage piercing in left ear.
    TATTOOS : None
    DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Homura’s crimson hair and amber eyes is his most notable feature while he’s within his human form but the second he removes his demon limiters is when the Blue Flames appear and they become his most distinguished feature for a demon.

And that’s what they call the law of Karma, my friends.


  • Because he is a halfbreed, Homura gets labeled everywhere he goes. Called a child of taboo and unclean by those who recognize his origins. Homura hides the pain and discomfort this causes with sly remarks and laughs . Though most people label him before ever getting to know him, Homura doesn’t let people’s opinions stop him. He is quick to crack a joke and say whatever comes to mind. He is slightly vain of his good looks and strong physique, and has been shown working out with hand weights between battles, claiming that “ladies will cry if I don’t keep my temple sculpted” Though he boasts frequently of his conquest and his sex appeal, in reality his seductions seldom seem to work out, which he accepts philosophically. He is always kind to children, probably because he really sympathizes with them due to his out history and will go far out of his way to protect them, even if they appear as an enemy.

    Homura is an avid smoker, usually seen smoking even more after he comes from being in his demonic form for a long period of time. Homura is very picky about his brand of cigarettes and seem only buy from demon merchants. He is also seen as a ‘womanizer’ by most people and a ‘pervert’ by many more. Homura even claims that he is going to die in the arms of a beautiful woman, and that dying at the hands of a man isn’t even an option. While most usually frown upon his dirty jokes and inappropriate manner, he is seen as a “dependable big brother” and an irreplaceable companion.

LIKES: Women is the main thing that Homura likes, he really doesn’t care about other things and tends to be rather picky or lazy when it comes to other task he really doesn’t want to do.
DISLIKES: Homura dislikes being around a large amount of guys for too long without having a single girl by his side, he tends to avoid situations where he can’t be around women so even when he’s in his dorm room he tends to spend a lot of time on the girl’s floor or in their rooms.
HOBBIES: Homura’s major hobby is picking up girls, if anything he likes doing more than picking up girls is smoking and he’s very picky about both.

That’s why good or bad, the ones who are left standing are the ones with the strongest wills to survive.

DEMONOLOGY: Ox Demon [ Kin of Satan ]
BASE OF OPERATIONS: True Cross Academy
MY HISTORY: Born of a human mother and a Demon father (which means he is a ‘child of taboo’) and not just any demon father, but the demon of all demons; Satan. Homura was raised by his mother’s sister and her unstable husband who couldn’t stand demons even if they were merely half-blood. His uncle would abuse Homura because of his status and his anger at his wife for bringing him into their home. Prior to the birth of Homura his mother was kidnapped by Satan and taken into Gehenna, a special trained group of Exorcist went to retrieve her from Gehenna. They were successful but all died after leaving Gehenna with Homura’s mother until they all burst into flames and by time reinforcements arrived all that was waiting them at the door to Gehenna was a baby sitting in the burning blue ashes of his deceased mother.

For years after being beaten and cursed by his uncle Homura snapped and accidently killed his Aunt’s husband and became true to his nature as a demon. His powers were sealed that day by his aunt and if you listen to the way Homura tells the tale he was abandoned by his Aunt at the juvenile age of 12, but truthfully he ran away from her and the Vatican after having his demonic powers sealed into his Demon Sword that was passed down through the years as the weapon that would host Satan’s powers shall he ever have another heir. Homura lived a punk life for four years. He committed larceny, gambled, and sometimes made a living being something like a kept boy. It was during this time that he met a man named Genji, a demon, who taught him the ways of the street. They were inseparable, until Genji got into too much trouble and fled, leaving Homura alone but shortly after that his Aunt found him and brought him back to the Vatican with force. Homura was placed under his Aunts supervision again and they once again tried to explain his origins to him Homura couldn’t accept it at first and lashed out of control, but was stopped instantly by his Aunt. She locked him away in the dungeon for two months before returning every day and night to check on him and explain little by little. Eventually Homura asked her to help him. Homura didn’t know what he was getting into, even when he was originally being trained to be an exorcist from a young age he didn’t have the formal training, for this Homura was enrolled at True Cross Academy and was given a few extra gifts from his Aunt in order to keep his powers in check. She explained to him that all the torment he went through as a child and all the basic training was going to be tested at True Cross Academy and if he could prove himself there then she would take him under her wing as a disciple and they would go to war with Satan together.

  • Satan [ Father]: Unknown to most people who haven’t looked into locked files of the Vatican, the secret behind Homura’s birth is through the kidnapping of his mother Izuriha through the Gehenna Gate who was then raped and murdered by Satan. Homura has had the opportunity to meet Satan a numerous number of times, although each time he meets his blood father Homura has an urge to kill him. Although the difference between their strength is always obvious so Homura has been ignoring contact from Satan in order to find a method in destroying him once and for all.
  • Shiki Kagari [Adoptive Mother] [Aunt] : Shiki is Izuriha’s older sister who is a member of the Vatican who took Homura in although taking in isn’t really what most would call it seeing how Homura spent most of his days in a dungeon and being forced to go through long extended training hours and was treated like a guard dog rather than a person even being shackled down before being told to go to bed for the night. Shiki cares for Homura in her own special way and Homura believes this to be true seeing how she’s the developer to the Demon Limiters he wears in order to keep his powers at bay.
  • Izuriha Kagari [Mother] (Deceased ):Homura never got the chance to meet his mother, all he knows is that he was born from the very same flames that killed her and that she was a very powerful Aria and Tamer who was pretty good using a sword but wasn’t good enough to be considered a Knight.

MY GOALS: To KILL Satan and all his Children that threaten the world he lives in.

The world being what it is, a lot of people out there deserve to die, don’t they?


WEAPON NAME: Kurikara (AKA Koumaken)
TYPE OF WEAPON: Jian (Chinese Sword)
WEAPON DESCRIPTION: The sheath acts as a portal to Gehenna (the demon world) which when drawn returns the user into his or her demon form. Koumaken is said to only be used by a demon who is related to Satan directly who has gained the ability to release fire. The one who has possession over Koumaken can release incredibly destructive bright-blue flames in their human form as well as their demon form, which are the trademark of Satan. However, when the owner draws Koumaken, the magnitude of the flames drastically increases, as well as a decrease in the user's control over them. When one releases the blade, the greater magnitude of flames often leads to the user being "consumed" by them, resulting in him become more animalistic and beast-like. As a result, when they lose control, the user often goes on a rampage, attacking friend or foe.


FAMILIAR TYPE: Byakko - Inukami [ Kin of Anyanka ]
FAMILIAR DESCRIPTION: Inukami are low to high level demons that possessed dogs, these Byakko serve their master with the upmost respect. But like other Byakko they can be disobedient as well as a royal pain when they are spoiled or aren’t receiving enough praise or offerings for their help. They are able to speak and understand the human language. Hakubi is really easy going compared to most Byakko. He is both fond of his master and eager to assist him, especially if it means making someone look bad. Due to their close partnership, Hakubi is often able to identify when something is bothering Homura, and will offer his advice, even when he knows he may resent him for it. He enjoys teasing others, but recognizes their power and relies on them to help Homura if he is ever in real danger. Hakubi also has a weakness for attractive women, and becomes very distracted when one is present just like his master.
FAMILIAR DESCRIPTION APPEARANCE: Hakubi has sky blue eyes and black fur with a white muzzle, paws, and the end of his tail. Light blue clouds follow him signifying his level of authority as a Byakko. He wears a light green seal as a collar which allows him to remain invisible to normal humans and follow Homura around all day; although humans that have received a mark from a demon will be able to see him easily, such as Exorcists.
FAMILIAR APPEARANCE: (Link Image of your Familiar)
FAMILIAR ABILITY: As a Byakko that has taken over a dog, Hakubi has an extremely high sense of smell and sight that allows him to find Demons, but unlike most Byakko that have taken over dogs Hakubi’s power comes from his ability that he calls Utsusemi or Empty Hand. It’s a special ability that some Byakko possess after leaving for four hundred years or more that is used to pass through an ability user’s technique without disrupting it. Hakubi specializes at the Utsusemi because he is able to sense both the technique’s framework and align his body with the technique’s wavelengths. This is typically accomplished by touching the technique directly for a short period. Once Hakubi is aligned with the technique, he can pass through it. He is able to pass through walls and other objects the same way, although anything touching Hakubi before he completes the phase will phase through whatever Hakubi’s attempting to move through.
FAMILIAR BOND: Hakubi and Homura met as a gift from Satan as a messenger to find Homura, but Homura refused to leave with Hakubi so they had a wager and the winner would decide the fate of the other. Homura won the bet and decided to keep Hakubi as a familiar as long as he removed all ties to Satan and remained loyal to him and him alone. Hakubi couldn’t resist and accepted the offer.


RUNES: Kenaz

  • Martial Arts: It’s inhuman almost to watch him at work, there isn’t a bit of wasted movement and but his patience is his weakness. He is able to perform acrobatic movements on top of moving vehicles as if they were child’s play. He knows how and where to hit to deal with his enemy, vicious attack patterns keep his opponents off balance and leave them little room to make any kind of error without being punished for it. He’s training to be more like a weapon that a human being and the brutal blunt strikes he can deliver end most of his brawls quite swiftly.
  • Swordsmanship: A great deal of Homura’s physical training included swordsmanship, owning to the meister type of a Knight depended on developing a body and mind simultaneously. He trained in a wide variety of styles, but particularly in the classical European styles as well as the Traditional Chinese styles of swordplay. Regardless of the sword, Homura is a deadly combatant, skilled in both defense and offense.
  • Love Charm: Homura’s special skill and most treasured expertise as he claims it to be, is his ability to make any girl fall in love with him at first sight. His smooth talking and charm is enough to sweep anyone off of their feet and when it comes to his face and body the bodies are lined up at his door. Homura sometimes like to joke and say he’s cursed with this ability yet he doesn’t feel like it’s a burden.