I've desided to do a simple app for android phones & it's a app for the yp-coming AX 2014 event. I thought that it's just nuts that there isn't a app for the AX convention at all. There's one or really many app's for Comiket.. which isn't really a anime/manga convention that we have in the states.
The list of goals that are going to be implemented.
1) Map
a complete map of the convention & all of the events & other things that are apart of the whole AX experience.
2) List of Dealers, Artists events etc..
3)Blog/Reviews from the users telling w/words & pictures of what they think of each part, stall, event, etc..

It would first download the main info onto the users device so it can be used w/o the need of the internet connection , but for the live feed/updates from the users the internet connection will be needed.
I think that the first stages of the app can be done in afew months time.
By the time the convention is going on thats when the app shall really be tested to it's limits. I think that by next year it'll be w/o errors & user friendly.