With the new year on a role I find myself thinking even more than I usually do. Every new year is, well, full of new things; new things will happen, new things will be learned and new memories will stick with me fr a lifetime.

Last year was a very uneventful, safe year. Nothing fun has happened with my life really aside from being part of a small time band. If I had to say what my resolution for this year is it is to enjoy my life more.

I think a lot about my life, hell most people my age do. Where am I going from here? How will I get there? Can I do what I want? I may be an adult, but I'm as scared as a small child facing the darkness.

My future holds my goals and wishes, but I cannot see the path ahead of me. With every new year, there are new things to do and learn. I hope to learn to enjoy my life more and live the way I want to live.