Smile beautiful one,
The world needs you to shine,
Give me the broken pieces,
Everything will be just fine.

I'll piece you like a puzzle,
And keep your scars in view,
To remind you of your past
While you build your life anew.

You will be great, as long as you're strong.
Fight for what you believe in,
Don't let them prove you wrong.

Smile pretty one, I know that it's hard,
Tell me all your troubles,
The ones that you keep jarred.

No one ever said it was easy,
I know this much is true,
Sometimes it makes me queasy,
Just to watch you come unglued.

Hold my hand in yours,
I know this we'll make through,
Even though right now it seems it's more than you can chew.

Smile pretty baby, I'll try my best for you,
And Damn every one of those haters,
Everything they say is untrue.