In the end, I wasn't enough for you. I knew it would happen at some point, that you'd see a girl like me just wasn't a good fit for an amazing man like you, but when you did... When you brought my dream, my fantasy, down as quickly and as effortlessly as you did -- when you tore my heart out -- you did so with such a brightness in your eyes and firmness to your voice that I couldn't... I wanted to believe it was just a bad dream. But no, my dreams are the only place where I can entertain the idea of "us" anymore.

I don't know what happened. I don't know why you changed. I don't know if things will ever be the same between us, if you'll ever give me that chance again. I don't know what the future holds, but... Tonight, I miss you. I miss you so much I ache. I miss your voice, your smile, your laugh. I miss the way you'd look at me when I said something ridiculous. I miss the fondness in your eyes when you'd look at me and you didn't think I noticed. I miss you. But you'll never be mine. I've always known that. Still, this distance hurts and I find myself missing you more tonight than ever.

I feel lonely as I lie here alone, wishing you could have your arm around me again. Wishing I could rest my head on your chest and hear the soft beat of your heart. I wish... I wish I could be the woman you deserve.

And maybe one day, I will be. But for now, I'm not. We're barely even friends. But... I still love you. I think I will for a long time. But one day you won't even remember that. One day, you'll have the girl you've been searching for. One day, someone will make you happier than I ever could. And when that day comes, I just have one request.

Don't forget about me... Okay?


I can't seem to find
A way back inside every last
Thought of love we made
That still keeps me awake
Still keeps me from everything we had
That I'm trying to get back

-- "Rapid Eye Movement", David Cook