For the last few days I've been really struggling between constant headaches and fixing up school for myself. I would say I hate being an adult but the gratification I get from managing to fix something myself makes me happy and not feel extremely useless.

SO, Housing stepped up their game on my room issue. Essentially, everything worked out better than I had anticipated for the most part. Instead of the double shared I am at the moment, I've been given a suite-style room, I share an apartment style space with only 3 other girls where I share a dining area, a kitchen, two bathrooms and a small living area on the designated quiet floor. Soooo. Hey, thank you Housing for making a mistake because this is probably why I've been given a living space where I won't have to worry about someone coming into my room and staying for 5 hours or people consistently coming into the room while I'm sleeping and screaming at me in greeting, effectively waking me up and making frustrated.

I also have to laugh about the fact that my roomie got super pissed at me for having another girl, from our floor, in our room around 8 o'clock at night earlier this week. To which we were chatting, generally having a good time. Then my roomie drops her head onto her desk and sighs obnoxiously. Oh, that's nice. When you and your friend were squealing in spanish while I was studying FOR AN EXAM and I said nothing because you had ignored me, really shows our ******** maturity. Goddammit.

We are looking at Anorexia and Bulimia in class and I'm really just cringing because purging and binging are things that I find horrible because it's such a terrible waste and the mentality is truly terrifying. I could not imagine being like that. I love eating and the way they their mentality treats eating which contains so many important nutrients and physical developments and functioning in the brain. Not to mention with purging you damage your teeth and the inside of your mouth rather badly. Well, I'm going to be assessing these types of things for a long time coming so I might as well make my peace that these are things I'll be dealing with rather often.

To move on to a lighter note, I'm having trouble with my fanfiction. :/
It's terrible for me to be so stuck. I have more then 8 chapters I need to flesh out and I have a new prologue chapter I've written and about 20 chapters to fix up. GEEZE.
As for my original story. I'm done with with it. Not finished. DONE. I refuse to touch it anymore. I had 3 main characters and over 20 secondary characters. Pretty great, right? NO. They're all dead! I killed my entire cast! Almost, but I'm still close! I killed a dog in my story. I am still pissed I wrote it out like that. It just kind of happened and as I kept writing through it, an old couple died and people started dropping like flies and now out of suggested cast of 40 and about 20 characters with small interactions the most of them are axed and I can't say I'm mentally sound through all of this. I mean. I murdered my cast which I lovingly created. Sorry, main character. I'm a horrible douche.