Hiram, king of Tyre sent servants to see Solomon. Solomon asked for Hiram to help build the Temple of God and offered food in return. Hiram and Solomon offered men to carve stones and cut wood to begin building the temple.

The first this that comes to my mind when starting this out is that the Bible says Hiram was a lover of David. I looked this up. It seems as though there were two Hirams. This is the son of the Hiram that knew David.


Solomon makes a point of the peace in the country and when reporting to Hiram, he asked for workers to cut wood in Lebanon so that the Temple and the king's house could be built. According to Solomon, the Sidonians are great wood carvers. I am not sure what the Sidonians have to do with Hiram's people.

Hiram agrees to help build but only for food. This gives a new idea to the phrase, work for your food. From what we read yesterday, each tribe of Israel needs to provide food the king. I wonder if this food requirement was part of the deal.

Hiram and Solomon are friends. This sounds like it was a lasting friendship. It makes me think about my friends and what brings us together. Typically, it's game. I'm very interested in seeing that these friends were brought together with a mutual desire to build a Temple for God. What a great foundation for a friendship.

A LOT of people worked on this project. Adoniram was the super foreman. There were 3300 supervisors. That's about 10%, which is a pretty good number of for success. With Hiram and Solomon's men combined, there were 70,000 people carrying the loads (rock and wood) and 80,000 people in the mountains carving stone. Working on stone in America is extremely expensive. I could only imagine what this project plan would have looked like during the construction and planning. The cost must have been astronomical. The working schedule was one month off, two months working. That sounds pretty typical of field engineers today.

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