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CrapBook See title.

sora wonk
Community Member
with Gaia.

They've been unarticulated for a while.

I used to enjoy this site more than I do now. Part of it is simply getting older and outgrowing the population that frequents this place.

The rest:

1. Greed.
I know sites need to make money, but they're going about it in a rather hamfisted way that just makes me not want to support it.

A. Virtually every announcement is about some item on sale.

B. They abuse Flynn's Booty. People who buy it get rich and inflate the marketplace, leaving ordinary Gaians at an even greater disadvantage at getting items they want. They try to adjust for the inflation by creating gold sinks, and then they release Flynn's Booty again. It's disgusting and overall demotivates people from wanting to use this site.

C. Cash Shop is now the first shop you are directed to from Shops Directory. It used to be just a random shop. This is stupid and gross. It discourages me from wanting to buy from a company that is so focused on money.

D. Autoplay ads.

2. Lack of development.
A. zOMG used to be fun. It's now no longer being developed.

3. Stupid mods.
A. Mods shouldn't move threads if they are not blatantly spammy and people are enjoying them. It's like mods are robots that lack common sense or do things just for the sake of doing things.

B. Seriously I was greeted on my birthday by a mod who mistook my "I'm actually 12" description as truth and a violation of TOS because you can't be 12 to use this site. Happy birthday. Thanks gaia.

I joined almost five years ago. If I were actually 13, that means I joined at age 8. I have a journal that clearly states what I'm doing with my life in college. Common sense???

Essentially, I feel like they don't know where to go with this site, they're just milking it for money when they aren't making any improvements to encourage people to stay.

The snowball event was good, and introducing ability classes was a fun experiment. Some of the new items, particularly reapersun's freebies, are cleverly designed, but...

This is what I think they should do:

1. Cater to an older audience.
A. Allow for greater user interactivity. If there were some way users could create items or avatars, this would be seen more as an artsy site instead of an awkward kid's site full of perverts and twelve-year-olds.

B. Create a new version of zOMG. Even smaller MMOs like the ones made by Aeria Games (e.g. Grand Fantasia) have a relatively active community. I guess they might not have the resources to do this, but if only they could...

C. Cater more specifically to a kind of person? This is harder. It's just, why do people come to gaia? Maybe if this were The Place to talk about anime or something. Ugh, I don't know. If there were something valuable to be gained from being part of this community... Right now, there really isn't.

Like if they merged with idk crunchyroll so you could stream anime on this site, and then talk about it in the forums...?

But basically.


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