"There is a god I have connections with outside of Olympus," Ares told her wards. "He is a fellow war god by the name of Tyr, who resides in the realm of Asgard... He will look after the two of you while I am away."

"We can handle ourselves," Deimos started to say.

"You will do as you are told," Ares broke in, not caring to hear the argument she knew the pair were capable of participating in. "Tyr will train the two of you just as I have all these centuries. If you play your cards right," Ares grinned then, a distant memory coming to mind, "Perhaps he will take you to meet the thunder god there, Thor; he is the current owner of Mjolnir."

"The hammer Lord Hephaestus made?" Phobos questioned, neither one of them looking very impressed.

"The hammer," Ares explained, "Hephaestus made from the flames of a dying star as a gift to the Asgardian race to instill peace between Zeus and Odin. The hammer has many abilities, not many of which are known - however - because its current master is a fool."

Deimos and Phobos glanced at one another curiously. Just how special was this hammer?