Let’s be clear. I’ve seen some sh*t.
But I ain’t never seen sh*t like this.
In Burma (f*ck calling it Myanmar, it’s Burma), I saw a Buddhist monk go after a heroin kingpin with a goddamn machete. Didn’t get one drop of blood on that orange sash of his.
In East Timor, I found a mass grave of two dozen mostly, decomposed bodies hidden in a giant trough of coffee beans – beans that’d go on and get sold in Europe and the States.
In Moscow, a giddy Bratva boy showed me his uncle’s “collection.” In a moldy steamer trunk sat a collection of severed left hands, each with a pinky nail painted black.
But this sh*t here…
They stormed the clinic, two dozen of them, all with assault rifles about as illegal as it gets. Call themselves the Army of the Loving God. Call themselves law-abiders, call themselves Christians. Irony is as thick as the blood on the floor, which is to say up over the top of my boot.
Killed the nurses and doctors first. The administrators next. All in a grisly fashion no bullets for them, only for the police outside. No, the “sinners” got chopped to bits while still alive, little crosses burned into their foreheads with I don’t know what.
The women there, all of them either for consultation or the operation itself, they didn’t die. At least, far as we know. But the blood in the operating room, the stirrups just sticky with the stuff…
The cameras show that the “soldiers” did some, well, I guess you’d call it harvesting. Took the fetuses right out of the women. Put them in these sealed containers that hissed when they opened and hissed when they closed. Said prayers over the whole proceedings like it was holy work. The women, the mothers, well, they kept them. Took the women when they fled. Didn’t burn the place up like some of them clinic bombers.
I feel like I’m gonna throw up. f*ck me sideways with this here camera.
Yeah, I’ve seen some sh*t. Been around the world, taken pictures on some of the worst battlefields. But anybody tells you that this country, our own damn country, isn’t the scariest battleground of them all… you best educate them quick. Just show them one of these pictures. Just one.
Then they’ll know.
We’re at war with ourselves.