This is a summary of the new organization of Solomon's kingdom. Those that he put in power already stated, Benaiah (army) as well as Zadok and Abiathar (priests). The rest are his sons and rulers over the Isrealites (one for each of the 12 tribes) are listed. This is a time of prosperity for Isreal and Solomon is well known throughout the land for his wisdom.

So, I can't seem to find if the princes listed here are actually Solomon's sons. I feel like it would make sense if they were his sons. I assume that 1 Kings is a very shortened version of what is happening, time-wise. The entire temple was built and it's only chapter 4.

While searching for the prince answer, I found an article saying that Solomon was only 12 when he started ruling over the kingdom. This leaves yet another reason for why Adonijah most like took over the ruling. Others were not ready. I couldn't imagine killing my brother at age 12. But he did get wisdom from God before doing so.

In this section, it is stated that each of the officers over an area had the responsibility in one month to provide victuals for the king. This doesn't sound like a big deal, until the author continues to say that included 40,000 horses and 12,000 riders. In this time, nobody that came to the kings table (which i assume means the horses and the riders) went hungry. That is quite the responsibility. I feel like I have to cook for a lot of people when I am working at the school, but the most we feed is 1,000. I could never image being responsible to feed 12,000 people. It must have taken an army to feed the army.

I want to point out how important it must have been to have your name listed in the Bible. This history includes those that ruled, but also those that served. One, for example, was the head of the household and did have to feed the people (Arisha over the house, Adoniram over the security of the house). These people must have done their job well to be listed in the Bible. It's the first time I've ever noticed people that worked in the house being listed near those that ruled. They must have done a great job.

Solomon is considered to be the prince of peace because he ruled during Israel's golden age. There was no war during his rule. The Bible says that God gave Solomon a large heart, larger than the sand at the sea. I feel like this means Solomon had so much understanding and compassion on others that it appeared endless.This is amazing to me. I could only imagine what it would be like to talk to this man that was so intelligent yet understanding. The Bible says people came from all around to hear Solomon speak. I feel like I would take the time to come and see him speak also.

I feel like having intelligence but also having humility to share the intelligence is not found today. People that are intelligent are arrogant and sometimes feel it's beneath them to explain simple concepts. I see it in college all the time with professors. Since Solomon would allow visitors to hear him speak, I get the impression that he was happy to share his knowledge.

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Solomon made a reputation for the nation of Israel and provided for his household by efficiently organizing his officers.