Candelario "Candy" the Incubus
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Bio - Candy is an incubus from hell, having come up to corrupt as many people as he can. Like succubi, he is not exclusive to corrupting one sex, known for tempting males as well. Candy is not usually just a free roaming incubus, as he is often summoned by someone. Often, if it were a male, it was by mistake since they usually summon succubi. Candy loves to target those who are in close relationships to break them apart, often the job of an incubus, or targetting virgins (of either sex). He has shapeshifting abilities, often appearing in the shape of something that would be considered attractive to the target, even if his base form is shaped femininely, mostly for targetting males.

Personality - Though 'Candy' can act whatever personality he needs to seduce or make friends, at his base, he is very mischievous and fun-loving. Teasing is something he likes to do to either sex, perhaps second nature because of his species. However, he is also very spiteful, possibly violent when angered. He has a hairpin trigger for certain things and even if he acts his most manly personality, he has a soft spot for extremely cute things.

Incubus Qualities
For the females
The end of his tail becomes harder and thicker if stimulated and if stimulated to a certian degree, shoots out a thicker, warmer version of the venom from his fangs. He can change his physiology and appearance to best suit a woman's desires, which he cannot do with males (since he is an incubus, and not a succubus). Soft hypnosis abilities are also able to work on females, whereas it can't on males.
For the males
Candy salivates a lot. A whole lot. This, along with his plump lips (in his base form), makes his mouth extremely inviting. His saliva is oddly slippery, serving as a self-warming lubricant. His base form's skin is extremely, extremely smooth and warm having an almost feminine softness. There's a few more secrets..
For both
He's very skilled with his tail, which in itself secretes a slick, thinner lubricant, which allows his tail strokes to be smooth. His fangs secrete an aphrodisiac like love venom, which works best when he bites someone in the neck. However, he can also secrete it into his saliva while kissing but it's not nearly as effective.