Hey. Me again. I'd say I'm sorry for not writing more but honestly nothing new has happened. School has started again which is cool, but the faculty and persons-that-be seem to be hell-bent on sabotaging the students at every turn.

I know that sounds crazy but it's true. They want to cut our 12 hour days back down into three 8 hour days again even though the entire class agreed on 12 hour days. They're introducing all kinds of rules and restrictions on contests and competitions based off grades in class.

We're a film program. Since when did grades become more important than what we film in a film program?

But that's enough complaining for now. I swear it's all I do these days. b***h, complain and wallow in writer's block and stunted creativity.

Wow, that was morbid.

Okay, on the bright side, I have a decent script written for a short I will be filming soon. So that's cool too.

Yay xp