I dreamt I was running some sort of race for a bit. Running in and out of a shopping center, dodging people as I tried to finish. There was very few people I recognized even running this race.

Nightmare Story time had these reader dolls that would react depending on the audience. They were baby dolls so nothing was verbal, just physical. The Store had some sort of weirdness to it, the owner seemed scared. I got change for 100 at her store and she needed the 20's back so I gave her 80 for 50 dollars as kind of a donation. I saw DM(Nightmare in and of itself*) and he was asking me how I got there. There was a man on the floor sorting out money. He was older but not that old so it seemed peculiar like he wasn't all there mentally. Stacks of change and dollars he was counting on the floor so he could buy a book. There was some sort of signal of story time so everyone gathered in the reading area. A song was being sung to summon the story teller. The story teller started telling horrible stories that just made no sense or just seemed off?