Hello Journal,

This is my first time writing in you, not sure if I have anything exciting to tell you. Today I had my first blood transfusion after being healthy for 8 years, I was shocked at first but then I embraced it. Feeling a bit sleepy on and off a lot to day, did my best to smile and stay happy. Yet the idea of my anemia coming back slightly scares me though, for I really wanted to change for the better. Make friends and just been normal for once, seems the start of this year isn't going the way I wished it to go.

Mood atm: I feel empty, and alone. Being around people in the hospital today was the nicest interaction I have had with people. No one treated me as if my illness was gonna make them sick. I even got complimented by a male Dr., I would like to take it with a spoon full of sugar, but my self ego is still bruised.

Listening to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPD-a1FjUtU I heard this song on the car ride home today, I really enjoy it. Makes me hopeful for my future, also to anyone who reads this, hello.