Welcome to Merridean, a strange world in a different plain in a different time. It is a golden age as the ingenuity of man has begun to prosper. Though that's not to say the world isn't without it's problems. With age of knowledge also comes a new age of warfare. New weapons have appeared taking the place of traditional ranged weapons. These weapons are pretty much guns, (Note, revolver class pistols/ rifles or older only, which would be muzzle loader type guns for those who don'y know.) But I'll get more to that later.

Merridean is much like the world you and I have grown customed too, meaning it has different temperate zones as well as continents ranging anywhere from a lush green forest, to a snowy wasteland, even to an barren desert. Of course what would this world be without it's peoples? Living in Merridean there are three main factions fighting for world dominance, as well as hundreds, maybe even thousands of sub factions beneath them. But for now let's just focus on the three, each having played a major role in furthering the worlds technology.

First up, we have the people of Lethalia, the intellectuals. Single handedly these people revolutionized transportation for the world having successfully engineered and flown the first airship. It was created using a sea ship as the basis of it's design and from there they made a large balloon over top of the ship, and in place of the mast was a propeller system, using steam power to move the intricate insides of the ship. Natrually these were the first models. There military is extremely powerful due mostly to the fact they have an entire fleet of these air machines armed with devastating weapons of destruction and is the only nation known to be able to level a city in a mere hour. The Capital of Lethalia, Mozambique, rest's deep in it's center. This city, is massive, the castle in the center of the city, having been entirely carved out from a mountain, though the city extends further for about twenty miles in any direction from the mountains base there are buildings and sub districts packed tightly and closed together. Around the outer rim of the castle is a massive wall seperating it from the rest of the city, giving them a sort of inner defense should they ever be attacked. And further out at the cities border is another equally as massive wall which keeps the general populace rather safe along with the over staffing of the town guard. There over all region is rather mountainous making them hard to target by enemy airships or even foot soldiers or others of the sort.

Ok next up we have the people's of Warjilis. If there was a nation that was created simply on being able to fight it's these people. Throughout the centuries Warjilis has been home to some of the most decorated and talented soldiers in the history of Merridean. That being said, they gained more of an edge when they designed the first guns. Having spent a long time in a hectic civil war the people of Warjilis were only recently united by there King, King Balthomeir, whom after taking the throne for the people from his corrupt predecessor, aided a group of one hundred or so men in fending off an attack from a sub- faction which was on a rise to power until this particular battle of course. The sub Faction was known as, The Order Of The Dragon, and they had amassed a large force of one thousand or so. And they were nearly wiped off the face of the map after Balthomeir came to power only strengthening his power over his people, though he was a man of honor and would not take advantage of such a thing. The capital of Warjilis is known as, Synthia, named after the nations founders first love. Though this city is not quite as, extravagant as Mozambique, it is just as well fortified with thick stone walls and the region is filled with swamps and marshlands nearly all of which seem as though they seen there fair share of battles. Now there is a lingering fog over most of there region.

Lastly were onto Simbrea. These people have generally dark history run deep with corruption lies and even murder. The people of Simbrea are generally cut throats and merchants so needless to say they are typically very cunning as well as being good at generally talking to people