We all have this vision of ourselves that we want to be.
We all want to look , act, feel like this person we created in our head.
We want to be perfect. We want to be able to become this person without doing anything to earn it.
I'm going to be honest here... I have this vision of myself where i'm skinny. Where i have the perfect hair just the right everything. In this vision i have someone with me that i love and that love's me.
I cry myself to sleep sometimes wanting to be this person i imagined...
But I don't do anything to make this vision come true.
I promise myself i'm going to try my best that i'm going to become this person.
It's ******** hard to tell the truth. I want to look and feel different.
I want to be Perfect.
But you have to earn it. You have to push yourself to become that person. I need to push myself to become this person.
I will become this person. I will be my image of perfect. I will and i'll do.