Ride or die, an expression that has become increasing popular since the Fast and Furious movies have been released, but does anyone really know what it actually means? It means you stick it out until your death, in can be in anything, but majority of the time its in love. The truth is, I gave myself over completely to someone, my first love I suppose, my great love. Heart, mind, body, and soul he got them all, but the problem is, he was never ride or die with me, so when times got tough, he always left, left me to clean up the messes and debris. We would end up working things out but only to end up breaking up again, and again, and again until I just couldn't take it anymore. The thing they never tell you though, if you decide to be "ride or die" with someone, that's it, afterwards, if things don't go right or you don't stick it out well you'll never be the same. I originally thought it was just in my case but I met someone else who has the same problem, they aren't the person they use to be before it. The truth is being that passionate and in love with someone is dangerous, so make sure the person you decide to be like that with is completely worth it because if not, you end up feeling like I do. Don't take this as I haven't tried to move on either, I have, and I fell in love again afterwards but not like I did the first time, and despite thinking I FINALLY got over him and could move, I still stupidly look for him, still hoping to talk to him, why I'm not really sure anymore. I know I shouldn't be looking for him or wanting him, but I can't help it.