Song of the Endless

Every star that passes by
has shown me i am dead
every coursing second
has been a failed attempt

show im right, show im gone
on every lonely trail
the sky is for the wicked
and hell is just for me

Dancing moonlight show me peace
hand me like a puppet
find a stream of shiny things
where my soul will rest

dreams are for the hopeful
nightmares for the true
find me here my early years
of ever woeful tears

Shine me light so full of fear
hell is steps away
hand me my inscriptions
of many morbid cheers

you've come so far my trampled soul
yet far from my design
how am i to visualize
the painful stains of mine

I flip the script of all my tales
of crimes without a fault
soon to be brought to a halt
a waltz without the sails

an endless dance of every thought
an ever giving soul
where i to fly, where i to fall?
a song of pure clamor.