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If you care to believe a god created the universe, I'd advise it best that the god you choose is self-defined and not the Christians' pot of paradoxical hypocrisy.

I like "Yek".

You see, as I am your god, I do not have an actual use for humans. I created you all, because I got bored one day. I mean, I am your creator; I could have just spent this time I spent in creating you to do something else, but you see, it gets boring, and I have the attention span of a human 5-year-old. Other humans did tell you to love the way this "God" made you, which is quite hypocritical considering you claim this same "God" didn't actually love the way "It" created you and demanded you all be circumcised.

I don't know what to tell you; I just come down every now and then to f*ck with you. If you were all wiped out tomorrow, much like how I could simulate this by destroying everything in SimCity, I could just make a new species. I mean, you guys are fun and all, but video games have been the only good things you ever made, considering you give this body what is known as a "headache" with what you claim is "logic".

Maybe I've wiped you out before, maybe I didn't; I'm not telling you. Apparently, you didn't learn anything if you did, and you didn't learn anything if you didn't. That claim that a certain thing is ultimate; you act as if I can't change my mind. You act as if the words you claim I said 2000+ years ago somehow means that I didn't get bored and decide to do something else. Stop thinking that because I haven't spoken to you in quite a few years that it somehow means I didn't change The Game, just because I didn't care to tell you idiots that never listened to me anyway.

You know those people in that book you call a "bible"? Do you recall how this certain "God" (whether or not this was me; just saying) was talking directly to people, and still you questioned "God's" authority? You know, like that Job guy; b*tch was pretentious. He was told by "something" incredibly high up there, but still didn't do it until a bunch of idiots talked to him.

Sorry, but maybe what you think you're reading isn't what you think you're reading.